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Alien Resurrection (1997) Review

Alien Resurrection is a 1997 American science fiction horror film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and written by Joss Whedon. It is the fourth installment of the Alien franchise, and follows the events of Alien 3. The film stars Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as Ellen Ripley, and introduces Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman, and Dominique Pinon to the franchise. In the film, set 200 years after the previous installment, Ellen Ripley (Weaver) is cloned and the Alien queen inside of her is harvested in an attempt to breed more of the creatures. However, the cloning process goes awry, resulting in a mutated Ripley that is more Alien than human.

The film was not well-received by critics, with many feeling that it did not live up to the standards set by the previous installments. However, Weaver’s performance as the mutated Ripley was praised, and the film has since gained a cult following.

Forgive the very flippant intro but if you’ve seen one Alien movie before this, you’ll know what to expect. This is a movie that was made not because it has something to say but because it helps put money in studio execs pockets. The storyline is pretty thin; a half human, half alien Ripley fights off the bad aliens helping to get the good guys off of the space vessel before it’s too late. It tries to be original by engaging in the morals of cloning which I don’t really think go hand in hand with the Alien franchise, but it’s just my opinion.

There is too much CGI in this movie for my liking, it has lost a lot of the grittiness that was staple in the Alien movies. The acting is decent enough with Ron Perlman putting in a fine performance as the likable rouge Johner. Sigourney has to adjust her character to some severe changes and actually pulls it off quite well. The editing and directing is decent enough as well I suppose, I just wish that they could have forgone all the CGI and convoluted ethical issues and just stuck to what we like about the Alien movies…. Good thrills.

It’s Alien but processed through a candyfloss machine. It’s got too much attitude and bullshit and not enough reality. It irks me actually. They should never have let Joss (Buffy Vampire Slayer) Whedon anywhere near the Alien franchise. The movie has some decent gore in parts but is never scary, i mean its more an action movie than a horror, just unscary to the hilt.

There are good elements to this movie but not enough to save it a decent rating, as is, it’s recommended for Alien fans only and even then beware, this is different from past installments in the franchise.

If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, then you’ll probably enjoy Alien Resurrection. It’s not as good as the first two films, but it’s still a fun watch. Sigourney Weaver is great as the mutated Ripley, and the film has some pretty cool creature effects. However, the plot is a bit convoluted and the film doesn’t quite live up to the high standards set by the earlier installments.


The film is set 200 years after the events of Alien 3. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is cloned and brought back to life in an experiment conducted by the military. The Xenomorphs have also been brought back to life, and are now being used as weapons by the military.

Ripley is initially hostile towards the Xenomorphs, but she soon comes to understand them and forms a bond with them. She leads them in a rebellion against the military, and ultimately defeats the humans.

The film ends with Ripley and the Xenomorphs living in peace on a remote planet.

Movie Details

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Writer: Joss Whedon
Actors: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman
Release Year: 1997