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Alien Terminator (1995) Review

This has to be toughest movie I’ve yet had the displeasure of finding a title image for. So i said fuck it… Let em have some titties. The movie? Oh, here ya go… We have here a piece of b-movie schlock from the mid nineties. Scientists stuck five miles below the surface in a lab complex have developed a new species of killing machine. The creature gets loose and begins to cause a lot of mischief as it bumps off one scientist after another.

We’ve seen the scenario before but what’s new about Alien Terminator? Well nothing is the answer. The most redeemable qualities about this movie are Lisa Boyle (credited here as Cassandra Leigh, ie: tits in the above image) and Maria Ford. Both look lovely and certainly bring a sparkle to a movie who’s surroundings and general SFX are downright lame.

The acting quality is below average, just bearable performances from all, the monster itself is shit, plain and simple, we hardly ever get to see it and when we do it looks crap. I cannot recommend this one, however Lisa Boyle and Maria Ford fans will no doubt enjoy it.

You’re better off in the pub folks…

Movie Details

Director: Dave Payne
Writers: Dave Payne, Duke Lorr
Actors: Maria Ford, Lisa Boyle, Rodger Halston, Kevin Alber
Release Year: 1995