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Almost Invisible (2010) Review

Almost Invisible tells the tale of a group of young, over excitable teens who get invited to a party by a lonely goth chick April. Reluctantly they accept, setting in motion one night that they’re sure to never forget. Turns out there’s more to April than meets the eye and sadly for the teens they’ll find themselves engaged in some really weird fucked up shit. What’s April’s game and who will survive?

This movie is a bit of a mind bender, sadly not of the positive kind. The storyline is really convoluted and it really makes me wonder just what the whole deal is with April; who/what she is and why she’s doing what she’s doing?…I got to a point where I really stopped caring approx. half way through the movie. The characters are bland, nobody really stands out at all. They’re the usual run of the mill, teen disposables nobody gives a damn about. At least in most horror flicks annoying teens get killed but this movie has a distinct lack of death. In fact it has a distinct lack of anything, anything good. The only slight thing positive that’d be worth mentioning is that it does have good looking girls in bikinis but alas very little nudity.  

This is an indie movie and I try to be supportive of indie makers but even indie movies have to have something going for them and I’m really hard pressed to think of anything good about this movie. It’s really lame. The special effects and gore (of what there is) are just meh. The acting is meh. The pacing is beyond meh, it only helps to make the movie that bit more awkward and boring. This is one slow flick that never seems to go anywhere.

So now I’m gonna finish criticizing and wrap it up. Avoid this movie, I cannot recommend this flick at all even if you picked it up for free, there’s simply nothing good going on here.


In the American movie Almost Invisible (2010), a young man named Dan (played by Michael Kelly) is struggling to keep up with his job and pay his bills. To make things worse, his girlfriend has just left him and he’s about to be evicted from his apartment. In desperation, Dan decides to take a job as a security guard at a local mall.

At first, the job is relatively easy and uneventful. However, one night, Dan’s shift is interrupted by a group of rowdy teenagers. The situation quickly escalates and the teens start vandalizing the mall. Dan tries to stop them, but he’s outnumbered and outmatched.

Just when it seems like the situation is about to get out of hand, the teens are suddenly frozen in place. It’s then that Dan notices a strange man in a dark suit watching him from the shadows.

The man introduces himself as Mr. Invisible (played by Tim Daly) and explains that he has the power to turn people invisible. He offers to help Dan with his problem if Dan will help him with a problem of his own.

Mr. Invisible’s problem is that he is being hunted by a group of assassins known as the Blacklight Killers. These assassins are invisible themselves and they’re after Mr. Invisible because they believe that he knows the secret to making people invisible.

Dan agrees to help Mr. Invisible and the two of them set out to find the Blacklight Killers. Along the way, they pick up a couple of allies, including a teenage girl named Sarah (played by Scout Taylor-Compton) who has her own reasons for wanting to take down the Blacklight Killers.

Eventually, they find the Blacklight Killers’ hideout and prepare to battle them. However, the fight doesn’t go as planned and Mr. Invisible is mortally wounded. Before he dies, he tells Dan the secret to making people invisible.

With Mr. Invisible’s secret, Dan is finally able to stop the Blacklight Killers. He also uses his new power to make his girlfriend invisible so that she can’t leave him again. In the end, Dan is left as the only visible person in the world, but he’s content knowing that he can finally be with the woman he loves.

Movie Details

Director: David Allingham
Writer: David Allingham
Actors: Sara Cole, Hillary Barnett, Sam Navarro, Jeremy Russell
Release Year: 2010