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Altered (2006) Review

Altered is a 2006 American science fiction horror film directed by Eduardo Sánchez. It stars Aaron Eckhart, Brad William Henke, Joe Anderson, and Matthew Davis. The film was released on August 4, 2006, by Dimension Films.

The film tells the story of five men who are abducted by aliens and experimented on. They are then released back to Earth, but find that they have been changed. They must now deal with the fact that they are not the same as they were before.

Altered is one of those rare gems, a sci-fi/alien/monster movie that manages to create believable people in an unbelievable situation and it works. The character chemistry is great and i have to give solid kudos to the small (and relatively unknown) cast of actors who seem to drive the story and tension well. Most of the movie is based in what looks like an old farm house, perhaps not the eeriest of locations, but the way the camera pans around in tandem with the superb lighting make for a very suspenseful watch indeed.

This is a deathly serious movie (which supposedly started life as a horror comedy) with some really gruesome imagery. I really loved the gore scenes. The intestines scene in particular stands out in my mind, nothing like playing a game of tug of war with yer own guts lol. The pacing is solid, never once got bored watching Altered, i constantly had my eyes glued to the TV, just waiting for the next shock or grizzly moment. Superb!

In the end it’s the characters and the actors playing them who make Altered the great b-movie that it is. It never ceases to amaze me how good acting/characters can help make a run of the mill scenario/ story and give that special bit of life. The guy who’s inside the alien suit does a great job also, putting in a frantic, menacing performance. I should also give credit to the designers of the alien. Whilst in some regards it does look like the 1950’s little green man, it suits the movie well.

So am i gonna give Altered the big recommendation? Yes i am, without reserve. It’s a solid flick in many regards and I honestly believe that any horror/sci-fi fan is gonna enjoy watching this. Get the beer in and enjoy!

Altered is a well-done science fiction horror film. The acting is good, and the story is interesting. The film does a good job of creating a sense of unease and suspense. The ending is a bit of a letdown, but overall, Altered is a solid film.


The American science fiction horror film Altered (2006) tells the story of a group of men who are abducted by aliens and subjected to genetic experimentation. The men, who all have criminal records, are chosen for the aliens’ experiment because they are considered to be “disposable” by society. The aliens hope to create a new race of super-humans by splicing human and alien DNA, but the results are far from what they expected.

The men are transformed into violent, monstrous creatures that are barely human. They escape from the aliens’ ship and begin to terrorize the small town where they were being held. The town’s residents are terrified of the creatures and do not know how to deal with them. The creatures are relentless in their pursuit of victims, and the town is soon plunged into chaos.

The military is called in to deal with the situation, but they are woefully unprepared for the creatures’ strength and ferocity. The creatures are finally destroyed, but not before they have killed many people and caused widespread destruction. Altered is a fast-paced, action-packed film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Movie Details

Director: Eduardo Sánchez
Writer: Eduardo Sánchez, Jamie Nash
Actors: Chad Lindberg, Matthew Faber, Brian Boland, Beau Billingslea, Lin Shaye
Release Year: 2006