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American Warships (2012) Review

There’s strange events occurring in the Eastern Pacific. American aircraft carriers are vanishing and Korean military installations are being bombed. Anything that goes in to investigate is never heard from again. Stepping into the fray is the USS Iowa a generation of ship dating back to the WW2 era. What the Iowa and her crew discover will blow their minds (and their asses) away – it’s an alien invasion! With the Iowa being the only thing standing between the aliens and world destruction it’s up to them to save the day.

Ah, The Asylum, that fine vanguard of blockbuster cash-in’s. I’m honestly not sure if this company has produced a single movie that doesn’t try to emulate (AKA copy) another one. I’m starting to get used to it by now though but it’s important to note that this movie is not the mainstream flick Battleship featuring Liam Neeson, it isn’t related in any way, shape or form… Except it has aliens, battleships, and has a similar release date but that’s all. 

As you may have expected, the flick itself isn’t any good really. The movie sports an OK cast lead by Mario Van Peebles as the Iowa’s Captain. To say that Peebles puts in the best performance of the lot isn’t much of a compliment but it is the truth.

American Battleship’s visuals are awful. Terrible CGI, it looks very much like a low end Syfy movie that was hashed together by amateurs working in their spare time. Consequently much of the conflict between the Iowa and the alien’s ship is nowhere near as spectacular as it should have been. The general action in the movie as a whole is pretty dull.

The aliens themselves aren’t spared from the CGI dearth either. Fully rendered, 1950’s style bugs that are as scary as watching the Wizard of Oz in an old folks home. Face palm!

This movie really is just silly. The premise of the story is silly, the execution is silly and if you haven’t guessed by now it’s one you truly want to avoid. There are far better ways to spend your time, as well as your money than on this. Not Recommended.

Movie Details

Director: Thunder Levin
Writer: Thunder Levin
Actors: Carl Weathers, Johanna Watts, Nikki McCauley, Mario Van Peebles
AKA: American Warships
Release Year: 2012