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Borgvattnet Vicarage: Sweden’s Haunted Historic House


Imagine a remote Swedish vicarage, nestled amongst the pines, its windows glowing ominously in the twilight. This is Borgvattnet Vicarage, a place steeped in history and rumored to be haunted by restless spirits. Its secluded location and eerie reputation have drawn ghost hunters and paranormal investigators for decades, seeking to unravel the mysteries that linger within its walls. In this blog post, we delve into the history, the alleged paranormal activity, and the enduring mystery surrounding Borgvattnet Vicarage, a place where the whispers of the past seem to echo through time.

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History of Borgvattnet Vicarage

Located in the remote and picturesque region of northern Sweden, Borgvattnet Vicarage stands as a testament to a bygone era. Constructed in the 18th century, the vicarage embodies the classic architectural style of the time, with its timber frame and quaint design. Its origins are deeply intertwined with the history of the local church and the surrounding community. Over the years, the vicarage served as a home for numerous vicars and their families, each leaving their own mark on the building’s history.

Notable past residents of Borgvattnet Vicarage include several prominent figures in the church and community. The vicarage witnessed the lives of devoted pastors, their families, and the daily routines of a rural parish. These individuals left their legacies in the form of letters, journals, and even rumored tales of tragedy and misfortune.

The vicarage played a vital role in the community, serving as a spiritual center and a source of support for the local populace. Its influence extended beyond religious matters, encompassing aspects of education, social gatherings, and community life. Through its long history, the vicarage witnessed the triumphs and tribulations of the local community, from celebrations of life to moments of sorrow and hardship.

However, the vicarage’s history is not without its darker chapters. A series of unfortunate events and changes led to the vicarage’s eventual abandonment. Stories abound of fires, relocations, and unexplained misfortunes that befell the building and its residents. These events, coupled with the stories whispered among locals, contribute to the haunting aura that surrounds Borgvattnet Vicarage today.

Paranormal Activity at Borgvattnet Vicarage

Borgvattnet Vicarage has long been shrouded in a veil of mystery, with whispers of paranormal activity circulating among local residents and those who have visited the site. Eyewitness accounts, both from the past and the present, paint a picture of a haunted place where the boundaries between the living and the dead seem to blur.

Numerous visitors and investigators have reported experiencing strange phenomena within the vicarage’s walls. Sightings of ghostly figures, unexplained noises, and chilling cold spots are commonplace, suggesting a presence that cannot be readily explained. Some have even claimed to witness objects moving on their own, doors opening and closing spontaneously, and a palpable sense of unease throughout the building.

Ghost hunting expeditions have been conducted at Borgvattnet Vicarage, employing various techniques to capture evidence of paranormal activity. These investigations have yielded intriguing results, including EVP recordings (Electronic Voice Phenomena) capturing disembodied voices, photographs revealing anomalous shapes and lights, and other data that suggest a spectral presence.

The identities of the spirits haunting Borgvattnet Vicarage remain a source of speculation. Theories range from former residents of the vicarage, such as vicars, their families, or even tragic figures from the local community, to the lingering presence of spirits connected to the church or the nearby forest. Local legends and folklore further fuel the mystery, adding to the sense of the supernatural that permeates the vicarage.

Modern Day Borgvattnet Vicarage

Today, Borgvattnet Vicarage stands as a silent sentinel, its weathered facade hinting at a past filled with both beauty and sorrow. Though abandoned for years, the vicarage has remained a destination for paranormal enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Its current state is a testament to the passage of time, with the building exhibiting signs of decay and neglect. Despite its condition, the vicarage continues to captivate those who dare to venture within its walls.

The vicarage’s reputation as a haunted location has attracted a steady stream of visitors, seeking to experience its eerie atmosphere firsthand. Ghost tours have become a popular attraction, offering visitors a chance to explore the vicarage and hear tales of its haunting past. These tours, often led by experienced paranormal investigators, provide a unique opportunity to engage with the history and the mystery surrounding Borgvattnet Vicarage.

The future of Borgvattnet Vicarage remains uncertain. Plans for restoration or preservation are being considered, with proposals for converting the vicarage into a museum, a tourist attraction, or a site for research and investigation. Whatever its fate, Borgvattnet Vicarage is likely to remain a source of fascination, attracting visitors who seek to unravel its secrets and connect with the echoes of its haunted past.

FAQ Section

Is Borgvattnet Vicarage really haunted?
The evidence surrounding Borgvattnet Vicarage’s alleged haunting is anecdotal and often subjective. While many visitors and investigators report experiencing paranormal phenomena, the validity of these claims is open to interpretation. Ultimately, whether or not the vicarage is truly haunted is a matter of personal belief.

What are some of the most famous stories about the vicarage?
One famous story concerns a vicar who died tragically within the vicarage walls. His ghost is said to wander the building, particularly near his former study. Another popular tale centers around a young girl who mysteriously disappeared from the vicarage, with whispers of her restless spirit still haunting the grounds.

Can I visit Borgvattnet Vicarage?
While the vicarage is currently abandoned, it is still possible to visit. Guided ghost tours are offered, providing a safe and informative experience. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and respect the site’s history.

Are there any organized ghost tours at the vicarage?
Yes, several organizations specialize in conducting ghost tours at Borgvattnet Vicarage. These tours typically involve a guided exploration of the building, accompanied by historical narratives and accounts of paranormal activity.

What are some other haunted locations in Sweden?
Sweden is known for its rich history and folklore, with many locations rumored to be haunted. Some notable examples include the ancient ruins of the Varnhem Abbey, the medieval castle of Kalmar, and the island of Öland, which is said to be home to several spectral entities.


Borgvattnet Vicarage stands as a testament to the enduring power of history and the enduring mystery of the paranormal. Its secluded location, its haunting tales, and its captivating aura continue to draw visitors and investigators from around the world. While the truth behind its alleged paranormal activity may never be fully known, the vicarage’s historical significance and its place in Swedish folklore ensure that its story will continue to be told for generations to come.