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Dead Man’s Luck (2006) Review

Sam (Paul Burke) is an innocent guy just going about his own business when he is inadvertently drawn into a dark and seedy plot to frame him for the murder of an old man. The odds look grim for poor Sam and obviously not wanting to go to jail he attempts to turn the tide against his enemy. This starts a downward spiral of moral decay and paranoia as Sam no longer knows who to trust and in the end he’ll find himself becoming his own worse enemy.

Dead Man’s Luck is another indie crime/thriller with a less than stellar budget but what it lacks in production value it more than makes up for with story. Truth be told this is a less than horrifying movie – it’s really not a horror movie at all in my opinion but regardless it is a gripping watch for the most part, with some relatively decent performances from the main cast.

There’s a real Macbeth quality about the lead character Sam and and absolute Lady Macbeth quality about his Mrs (performed by Anastasia Bondarenko). Most of the drama revolves around Sam’s helplessness as he goes from being in hot water, to being in even more hot water, all of this being driven by the maniacal farmer’s wife (performed by Paula Davis).

There’s not much gore to be found and it sure isn’t the most frightening flick i’ve ever seen but if you’re looking for a crime drama that has good plot twists and solid pacing, this is the movie for you. Dead Man’s Luck is available in the UK through Left films right now!

Movie Details

Director: Max Perrier
Writers: James Chancellor, Danek S. Kaus, Simon Perrier
Actors: Elio Castello, Paul Burke, Paula Davis, Anastasia Bondarenko
AKA: The Ante
Release Year: 2006