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Eyeborgs (2009) Review

Eyeborgs sets us in the near future, in a time when national security has become paramount and and all other considerations are forgotten. Or nearly as it would be… A terrorist organisation is aiming at the Presidents Nephew and only Homeland Security Agent Gunner and the small army of eyeborgs, robotic mobile cameras stand in their way. Things are not what they would appear however and Gunner starts to smell a rat after certain ‘things’ appear to have been fabricated. Will he be able to save the President’s Nephew as well as his country from the terrorists, or is there a greater enemy at work?

Eyeborgs is really a sci-fi, action movie with some very deep political overtones and messages. I’ll cover the philosophy that the movie raises later but for now I’m going to concentrate on the action and special effects. Most of the action is in the latter half of the movie and it’s pretty decent. The eyeborgs themselves come across as a bit naff and cgi-like at certain parts of the movie but all in all they’re not bad, we’ve sure seen worse. The pacing is decent and the movie offers up plenty of intrigue as it goes along, building on one plot revelation after another. Certainly a cut above most b-movie sci-fi political thrillers anyways. Even though Eyeborgs is not a horror movie, it does have a couple of grizzly scenes, now these aren’t gonna frighten most seasoned horror buffs, but little kiddies and such may be a bit disturbed. It’s like low budget ED-209’s, if you catch my drift.

Acting quality is decent enough i guess, no oscar winners here but performances all round are reasonable. Adrian Paul (Highlander series) stars as Homeland security Agent Gunner and does the whole martial arts thing solidly. Good, strong physical performance that does his part justice and helps the greater movie progress well. Most of the other cast members are decent enough, really nothing outstanding, but not crap either.. Just average.

Now the political dimension of the movie. It’s been a sore issue ever since 9/11 the whole deal of how much freedom are you willing to sacrifice in order to keep yourselves and your country safe? Eyeborgs hits the issue square in the face. It is a complicated issue for sure, and this movie deals with it in a fairly responsible fashion. If you come away from watching Eyeborgs without wondering what your government would like to impose on you then i guess you really don’t deserve to be free and i think this is Eyeborgs central message in the end. Stay awake.

Movie Details

Director: Richard Clabaugh
Writer: Richard Clabaugh
Actors: Adrian Paul, Megan Blake, Luke Eberl, Danny Trejo
Release Year: 2009