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Final Destination 2 (2003) Review

Final Destination 2 is a 2003 American supernatural horror film directed by David R. Ellis and written by J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Bress. The sequel to the 2000 film Final Destination, the film stars Ali Larter, A. J. Cook, and Michael Landes. Released six months after the first film, the film follows a group of survivors of a highway collision who are stalked by Death.

The film was generally well-received by critics and grossed $116 million worldwide. It is the second highest-grossing film in the Final Destination series.

Final Destination 2 begins with a premonition of a horrific highway pileup, caused by a tire blowout on a large RV. Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the only survivor of the previous film’s massacre, has become a recluse since the incident. When Kim (A.J. Cook) has the same vision, Clear realizes that Death is coming for the survivors of the first film.

Racing against time, Clear tries to warn the others, but she is too late. As the pileup occurs, a number of people are killed, including Kim and her boyfriend Tim (James Kirk). However, a young woman named Clear Rivers (A.J. Cook) has a premonition of the disaster and is able to warn some of the people, who escape the crash. However, Death is not finished with them yet, and starts picking them off one by one.

As the body count rises, Clear becomes convinced that the only way to stop Death is to sacrifice herself. But is she willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Final Destination 2 is a well-crafted sequel that is just as suspenseful and scary as the first film. The cast is excellent, particularly Ali Larter, who gives a standout performance. The film’s only flaw is that it is not as original as the first film, but that is to be expected with any sequel. If you’re a fan of the first film, you’ll definitely want to check out this one.


In Final Destination 2, Clear Rivers (A.J. Cook) is the only survivor of the initial plane crash in the first film. She’s been living in a mental institution ever since, plagued by nightmares of the accident. When a vision of another plane crash leads her to believe that Death is coming for her, she checks herself out of the institution and tries to warn everyone she knows of the impending doom.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Corman (Alyssa Milano) is on her way to Florida with her friends for spring break. When she has a premonition of a massive highway pileup, she tries to warn everyone, but no one will listen. She manages to stop the pileup from happening, but in the process, sets off a chain reaction that will ultimately lead to Death coming for her and her friends.

As the body count starts to mount, Clear and Kimberly team up to try to figure out who is next on Death’s list. They are joined by Tony Todd as William Bludworth, the mortician from the first film who knows a thing or two about Death.

The film culminates in a spectacular showdown at an amusement park, where Death finally catches up to our heroes. Will they be able to cheat Death once again?

Movie Details

Director: David R. Ellis
Writer: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress
Actors: A.J. Cook, Ali Larter, Tony Todd
Release Year: 2003