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Final Destination (2000) Review

Final Destination is a 2000 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wong, and is the first installment of the Final Destination franchise. The film stars Devon Sawa as Alex Browning, an ordinary high school student who has a premonition of a plane explosion that kills everyone on board. When the explosion does happen, Alex and a group of survivors are left to deal with the aftermath and the realization that Death is not finished with them.

The original and arguably the best Final Destination, this was the movie that started the franchise which has now spawned 3 sequels and a 4th on the way. Back when this first came out, Final Destination was a bit of a revelation, perhaps not as epic as some of the greater horror flicks over the decades but nevertheless it was discernibly original and incredibly nerve jangling.

The death scenes are brilliant, it’s not as good as it’s sequels in this regard but they’re still very well done. One of the things about this movie is the factor of not really knowing who’s next… Working out deaths plan takes center stage most of the movie, as far as story goes. That plan being the main focus of the tension and dread that permeates the whole movie. Knowing some supernatural force is out to butcher you at any moment, utilizing everyday objects is no way to live your life and this is what most of the characters have to contend with.

Tony Todd makes an appearance as the cryptic and ominous Bludworth who, by some means not clear, has inside information about how death works and what the teenagers are likely to have to put up with. His performance is as solid as ever, bringing an atmospheric portrayal which does the movie justice. The main cast are pretty much solid also. Ali Larter puts a solid show in as Clear Rivers, the somewhat socially awkward girl dealing with demons of her own as well of the obvious ones trying to take her head off, metaphorically speaking.

Final Destination is a movie that deserves to be watched by any horror buff, in fact I’d say that this one could have strong appeal for folks who don’t normally watch horror movies also. It’s scary, original and downright brilliant. Thumbs up all round.

The film is effective in its use of suspense and horror, and Sawa does a good job in his portrayal of a young man who is trying to outrun Death. The supporting cast is also good, and the film’s special effects are top-notch. Final Destination is a well-made and entertaining horror film that is sure to please fans of the genre.


In the American film Final Destination, high school student Alex Browning is about to take a trip to Paris with his class. However, he has a premonition that the plane will explode, and he manages to get himself and a few others off the plane before it takes off.

As it turns out, Alex’s premonition was correct, and the plane does explode, killing everyone on board. Alex and the others who got off the plane are then pursued by Death, who seems to be determined to finish the job that the plane started.

One by one, Death picks off the survivors, in a series of increasingly gruesome and bizarre accidents. As the body count rises, Alex becomes more and more convinced that Death is after him specifically, and that he is the only one who can stop it.

In the end, Alex faces off against Death in a final showdown, and manages to come out on top. With the survivors all safe, and Death seemingly defeated, Alex can finally relax and enjoy the rest of his life.

Movie Details

Director: James Wong
Writer: Glen Morgan
Actors: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith
Release Year: 2000