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Fingerprints centers around a young girl Melanie (played by Leah Pipes) who’s not long out of rehab when she starts to notice unusual phenomenon going on around her. She has visions of a young girl, a girl tormented by something. With the help of her sister Crystal they both start to investigate what the girl wants and in the process they unravel a mystery that’s been buried decades ago. Some folks don’t want that mystery dug up and when the body count starts to rise, it’s obvious that something nasty has happened. Can the girls work out the mystery before anybody else has to die? Or will they be joining the little girl in the ‘here after’?

Fingerprints is a capturing movie even if it isn’t the most original or indeed the scariest. The characters and the way they’re fleshed out is what helps to bring this movie to life and keep the viewers attention till the end. Good quality acting (surprisingly good actually) combined with a good theatrical pace is what helps to elevate this movie. In particular Leah Pipes and Kristin Cavallari (Crystal) are superbly strong and it’s just as well cause if they were crap this movie would have sunk royally. I also want to pay note to Sally Kirkland who plays the ‘little girls’ sister Mary. It’s tough to say anything about her character without giving away spoilers but suffice to say she does a great job in her part. Also look out for Lou Diamond Phillips as the school teacher, he puts in his usual decent performance.

Fingerprints is pretty light in the gore department. There are a couple of gory-ish scenes but nothing special to be honest. Neither would i say it’s particularly scary. It can be tense for sure, but not scary in the slightest. The movie’s grip is based on mystery, in essense it’s a ‘who done it’.

So is Fingerprints worth your time to get a hold of? I would say so. Just beware that this movie ain’t the scariest nor the goriest. With this in mind you should enjoy Fingerprints to some degree, assuming creepy ghost movies are your kettle of fish anyways.


In the small town of Dellwood, Pennsylvania, a series of brutal murders has left the residents on edge. The victims all have one thing in common – they were all killed with the same modus operandi. They were all brutally mutilated, with their fingers being cut off and their eyeballs being removed.

The police are stumped as to who could be behind these gruesome killings. They have no leads and no suspects. But when a young woman named Sarah (Jordana Brewster) comes to town, she may have the key to solving the mystery.

Sarah is a fingerprint expert who has been brought in by the police to try and identify the killer. She quickly realizes that the killer is someone who is very familiar with the police investigation and is using their own methods against them.

As Sarah works to identify the killer, she also finds herself becoming attracted to one of the detectives on the case, Nick (Shane West). But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that the killer is someone who is closer to her than she ever could have imagined.

Fingerprints is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Movie Details

Director: Harry Basil
Writer: Harry Basil
Actors: Taryn Manning, Michael Weston, Pruitt Taylor Vince
Release Year: 2006