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Ghost of Tsushima: The Future of the Franchise – Will There Be a Sequel?

Jin Sakai Will Return: The Future of Ghost of Tsushima

The wind whispers of a sequel. Will the Ghost heed the call?

Ghost of Tsushima, the stunning samurai epic from Sucker Punch Productions, captivated players in 2020 with its breathtaking open world, emotional story, and brutal yet beautiful combat. We all fell in love with Jin Sakai, the honorable samurai forced to embrace the shadows to protect his home. But as we watched the credits roll, a single question lingered: will there be a sequel?

Let’s dive into the clues, rumors, and hopes for the future of this beloved franchise.

The Evidence: Clues Pointing to a Sequel

While Sucker Punch remains tight-lipped, several hints suggest a sequel is more than just wishful thinking:

  • Commercial Success: Ghost of Tsushima was a smash hit, selling over 8 million copies as of November 2021. This level of success makes a sequel a no-brainer from a business perspective.
  • Job Listings: Sucker Punch has posted job listings for positions specifically mentioning “open-world combat” and experience with “feudal Japan,” strongly hinting at development on a related project.
  • The Director’s Cut: The release of the Director’s Cut with the Iki Island expansion showed Sucker Punch’s continued dedication to the game and its world. Why expand on a story they have no intention of continuing?
  • The Ending: Without spoiling anything, let’s just say the Ghost of Tsushima’s ending leaves ample room for a continuation of Jin’s journey.

What We Hope to See in Ghost of Tsushima 2

While nothing is confirmed, let’s indulge in some speculation! Here’s what we’d love to see in a potential Ghost of Tsushima sequel:

  • A New Setting: Perhaps mainland Japan, offering a different landscape and new threats. Imagine facing off against samurai clans vying for power in the Emperor’s court.
  • Expanded Combat: Ghost of Tsushima’s combat is already top-notch, but imagine new stances, weapons, and Ghost tactics to further blur the line between honorable samurai and cunning warrior.
  • Deeper Customization: More options for Jin’s appearance, armor, and even his katana would be a welcome addition.
  • Multiplayer: Picture co-op missions with a friend, each embodying the spirit of the Ghost, taking on Mongols or rival samurai. Or, how about a competitive multiplayer mode with samurai duels? The possibilities are endless!

Conclusion: The Future is Bright for the Ghost

While we wait for official confirmation, the signs are promising. All evidence points towards Jin Sakai’s return in a sequel that could be even bigger and bolder than the original.

So, what do you think? What are you hoping to see in a potential Ghost of Tsushima 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let’s keep the conversation going and the flames of hope burning for the Ghost’s return.