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Ghosts (BBC) Season 4 Episode Guide: A Breakdown of the Season’s Most Memorable Moments

Ghosts (BBC) Season 4: From Fanny’s Fanny Pack to Kitty’s Big Break – The Moments We’re Still Screaming About!

Ah, Ghosts. The beloved BBC sitcom that somehow manages to make us laugh at the antics of a plague victim and a disgraced Tory MP. Season 4 didn’t disappoint, delivering another dose of quirky charm and witty humor. From Fanny’s unexpected accessory to a surprising new career for Kitty, we’re breaking down the most memorable moments that had us howling with laughter (and maybe shedding a tear or two).

1. Episode 1: The New Arrival

  • The Fanny Pack Fiasco: Remember when Fanny Button became the unlikely owner of a fanny pack? Her disdain for the “vulgar pouch” was only surpassed by her bewilderment at its usefulness. This hilarious juxtaposition set the stage for a season of unexpected twists.
  • The Captain’s Date Night: The Captain, ever the awkward suitor, finally decided to woo his beloved Gwendoline with a romantic dinner. The results were predictably disastrous, yet heartwarming in their own way. Let’s just say, some ghosts are better off admiring from afar.

2. Episode 2: The Ghost Writer

  • Alison’s Unexpected Muse: Alison’s writer’s block found a surprising solution in the form of… the plague ghosts! Their gruesome tales, hilariously recounted, provided the inspiration she needed for her spooky new novel.
  • Mary’s Musical Moment: Who knew Mary had a hidden talent? Her impromptu rendition of “Amazing Grace,” delivered with surprising power, had us all reaching for the tissues. Turns out, even a burned-at-the-stake witch can hold a tune!

3. Episode 3: The Button House Bake Off

  • The Great Button House Showdown: A baking competition among the ghosts? What could go wrong? From Pat’s questionable ingredients to the Captain’s disastrous attempt at frosting, the episode was a recipe for side-splitting laughter.
  • Humphrey’s Hidden Past: The seemingly dim-witted Humphrey surprised us with a glimpse into his past as a skilled baker, revealing a depth to the character we hadn’t seen before. It seems everyone has a story to tell, even a headless Tudor nobleman.

4. Episode 4: Kitty’s Big Break

  • From Ghost to TV Star: Kitty’s infectious optimism finally paid off as she landed a role on a daytime television show! Seeing her thrive in the spotlight, surrounded by equally eccentric characters, was a joy to watch.
  • Julian’s Unexpected Wisdom: Even Julian, the resident sleazebag, had his moment of truth, offering surprisingly insightful advice to Kitty about navigating the cutthroat world of showbiz. Sometimes, even a disgraced MP can surprise you.

5. The Season’s Lingering Questions:

  • Will Fanny ever fully embrace the fanny pack?
  • Will the Captain ever win Gwendoline’s heart?
  • Will Alison’s spooky novel become a bestseller?

Season 4 of Ghosts (BBC) left us wanting more, and with good reason! It was a brilliant blend of humor, heart, and the supernatural, reminding us that sometimes the most unexpected stories come from the most unexpected places (and people… and ghosts). What were your favorite moments from the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!