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Ghosts (BBC) Season 4 Review: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Return

Ghosts (BBC) Season 4 Review: Did They Raise the Dead…and the Laughs?

The Button House residents have returned, and honestly, they’ve never been more lively! Season 4 of the beloved BBC comedy “Ghosts” is here, and it’s safe to say this ghostly gang is still at the top of their comedic game.

A Haunted House Full of Hilarity

From the very first episode, Season 4 dives headfirst into the chaotic charm that fans have come to adore. Alison and Mike’s attempts to turn Button House into a successful B&B are constantly undermined by their spectral residents, and the results are comedy gold.

  • The Ghosts Get Competitive: Whether it’s a heated bake-off or a disastrous attempt at ghost-hunting, the competition among the ghosts brings out their most hilarious quirks. Captain’s unwavering optimism against Fanny’s perpetual cynicism? Always a recipe for side-splitting disaster.
  • New Challenges, Same Old Ghosts: This season, the ghosts grapple with modern technology (cue Julian’s obsession with online dating) and explore the depths of their past lives, leading to both heartwarming and hilarious revelations.
  • Sharp Writing, Brilliant Performances: The writing continues to be whip-smart, balancing witty one-liners with genuinely touching moments. The ensemble cast delivers impeccable performances, embodying their characters with infectious energy.

Did Season 4 Deliver the Heartwarming Goods?

“Ghosts” has always been more than just a comedy; it’s a show about finding your people, even if they happen to be centuries-old spirits. Season 4 deepens the bonds between the living and the dead, delivering emotional punches alongside the laughs.

  • Exploring the Past: Flashbacks to the ghosts’ lives provide touching context for their present-day personalities. Mary’s backstory, in particular, offers a moving exploration of grief and acceptance.
  • Finding Common Ground: Alison and Mike’s relationship with the ghosts continues to evolve, highlighting the unexpected ways people (and spirits) can connect and support each other.
  • Ghosts with Heart: Even the most seemingly grumpy ghosts reveal hidden depths of empathy and kindness, reminding us that everyone, living or dead, deserves a second chance.

Is Season 4 Worth the Hype?

In short, absolutely! “Ghosts” Season 4 masterfully balances hilarious absurdity with heartfelt moments, making it a must-watch for fans of the show and newcomers alike. It’s a testament to the enduring power of witty writing, relatable characters, and a healthy dose of the supernatural.

Now, let’s hear from you! What were your favorite moments from Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below!