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Ghosts (BBC) vs. Ghosts (CBS): Comparing the Two Versions of the Hit Sitcom

Double the Ghosts, Double the Fun? Comparing the BBC and CBS “Ghosts”

You’ve heard the creaks in the old house, seen the flickering lights, maybe even felt a chill down your spine. But have you met the hilarious spectral residents of Button House… or is it Woodstone Mansion?

The hit sitcom “Ghosts,” with its heartwarming humor and quirky characters, has been charming audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. But did you know there are two versions? That’s right, the original BBC show spawned an equally beloved American adaptation on CBS.

So, which ghostly gang reigns supreme? Let’s dive into a spirited comparison of “Ghosts” BBC vs. “Ghosts” CBS.

Setting the Stage: From British Manor to American Mansion

Button House (BBC): This grand, slightly crumbling manor in the English countryside is steeped in history, boasting ghosts from various eras, from a caveman to a 1990s Tory MP.

Woodstone Mansion (CBS): Swapping rolling hills for upstate New York, Woodstone Mansion is a sprawling estate with its own unique cast of characters, including a sassy 1920s lounge singer and a Native American from the 1500s.

The Verdict: Both settings offer a whimsical playground for ghostly shenanigans, but the BBC version leans into a darker, more sarcastic humor, fitting the British comedic sensibilities, while CBS offers a warmer, family-friendly atmosphere.

Living vs. Dead: Meeting the Mortal Counterparts

Alison & Mike (BBC): The down-to-earth couple inherits Button House, much to the chagrin of their spectral roommates. Alison, with her sunny disposition and the ability to see ghosts, becomes the mediator between the living and the dead.

Samantha & Jay (CBS): This ambitious couple dreams of turning Woodstone into a B&B, much to the amusement (and horror) of the ghosts. Samantha, following a near-death experience, gains the ability to see and communicate with the resident spirits.

The Verdict: Both couples provide a relatable anchor to the supernatural chaos. Alison and Mike’s dynamic is steeped in dry wit and quiet affection, while Samantha and Jay are more overtly comedic and driven, providing a different but equally enjoyable contrast.

A Parade of Personalities: Ghosts with a Side of Quirks

The Ghosts (BBC): Each ghost brings a distinct historical flavor: a plague victim, a Romantic poet, a Georgian duchess, and a pants-less scout leader (don’t ask). Their interactions, filled with witty banter and historical clashes, are a highlight of the show.

The Ghosts (CBS): From a Viking warrior to a hippie ghost stuck in a ’60s time warp, Woodstone is teeming with personalities. The adaptation takes some liberties with historical accuracy, favoring broader comedic appeal.

The Verdict: Both versions boast a colorful cast of ghosts, each with their quirks and eccentricities. The BBC version embraces the absurdity of its characters, while the CBS version focuses on creating endearing and broadly appealing personalities.

So, Which “Ghosts” Wins the Day?

Ultimately, both versions offer a delightful blend of humor and heart, making the choice a matter of personal preference. The BBC version, with its sharp wit and historical detail, might appeal to those who prefer a more sardonic, nuanced comedy. The CBS version, with its broader humor and relatable characters, is perfect for a light-hearted, feel-good viewing experience.

Whichever “Ghosts” you choose, be prepared for laughter, heartwarming moments, and maybe a few ghostly chills along the way!

Now it’s your turn! Which version of “Ghosts” do you prefer and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!