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Grey Skies (2010) Review

Grey Skies revolves around a group of old friends who decide to have a get together in a remote isolated house. There’s a degree of awkwardness that pervades as certain past issues start slipping to the fore and the atmosphere is not what it should be. Well things are about to get worse as extraterrestrials have a plan to gate crash this get together and they didn’t bring their own booze. Strange things start happening, people go missing-behaving oddly and the power goes out, it’s a prelude to full on abduction. Will any of them get through the weekend without being anal probed?

To be blunt i found Grey Skies to be a bit of a lame duck movie. There’s far far too much time spent on character drama (ie: you slept with my boyfriend) and not enough sci-fi/horror for my liking.

It takes quite a while for things to start moving along at any decent kind of pace and when they do eventually start moving, nothing exciting happens. In fact there is so little resolution in this movie it’s painful. Why are the aliens here? What exactly do they want? What specifically are they doing to the humans? Spoiler! Apart from turning them into mindless zombies None of these issues are resolved and it leaves the whole experience feeling somewhat shallow. Heck even on the character side of things, things never get resolved (not that i cared much) and the movies ending is just empty and meaningless.

One good thing i could say is about the acting, most of the actors are unknowns but they do their respective parts justice. I would’nt say any one actor stands out over the others but regardless, all of them are decent. Shame i couldn’t say that about the story.

Grey Skies isn’t gory. There are a couple of bloody bits but nothing special and indeed the movie is very un-scary. Most of the best parts of the movie involve the intrigue of what the aliens are up to though sadly this doesn’t come to anything.

I really can’t recommend Dark Skies, there just isn’t enough to it to justify doing that. Perhaps lovers of alien abduction movies will enjoy it to some extent, though best not get your hopes too high.

Movie Details

Director: Kai Blackwood
Writers: Mark Reilly, Michael Cornacchia
Actors: Thela Brown, Michael Cornacchia, Shelley Dennis, Anne Griffin
Release Year: 2010