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Half Moon (2010) Review

Half Moon revolves around a young prostitute called Rose (Tori Black) who through a chance encounter, ends up with a customer with some unusual ‘needs’. Her trick Jacob has a few surprises up his sleeve, not least that he likes to pay up front and is not even interested in sex. No, this guy is a full on werewolf. Half Moon takes us on a psychological trip around a young prostitutes mind whilst also keeping things edgy. Between her pimp and the werewolf, poor Rose is in for a dangerous night indeed.

Wow this movie is very different from what i thought it was going to be. I was expecting the usual cliched bad bitch prostitute werewolf, going around on a rampage and some poor bastard has to track her down and stomp her kind of thing… Well, it’s nothing like that. In fact Half Moon really has very little gore and shocks but what it lacks in this area it makes up for in others. The movie is loaded with conversationalism, the topics of choice range quite a bit also. In fact most of the movie is just Rose and Jacob talking. On paper that may sound boring but let me tell ya, it’s not.

Thankfully the main actors are sound in their performances. By all accounts this is Tori Blacks first role and I’m sure it won’t be her last. She does great as the tough yet very vulnerable Rose, showing her character to be very conscientious and caring but also very jaded in her outlook. Marek Matousek who plays Jacob is stellar also, clearly his character is a bit tortured with his condition but yet he still cares for the people around him including Rose, who treats him… Well, not so good.

Pacing wise I thought Half Moon was a little bit on the slow side to start off with but once the two main characters get to know each other things start to move along well.

I’m going to say that Half Moon is a thinking man’s horror, if your just looking for blood n guts horror you wont find it here but if you want a flick with deep characters and a solid plot line then I think you’ve just found it. Enjoy…. Oh and there’s no shortage of nudity – never a bad thing!

Movie Details

Director: Jason Toler
Writer: Jason Toler
Actors: Tori Black, Marek Matousek, Torey D. Sutton, Shawna Lenne
Release Year: 2010