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Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass (2011) Review

John Glass is a troubled man. A former farmer, he now lives in a small town in Hellacious Acres, where he spends his days drinking and causing trouble. When the body of a local woman is found in a field, John is the prime suspect. But as the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that there is more to John than meets the eye.

Hellacious Acres is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. John Glass is a complex and fascinating character, and the film does a great job of exploring his motivations. The film’s atmosphere is dark and foreboding, and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining film, Hellacious Acres is definitely worth a watch.


In the small town of Rocksville, Maryland, something strange is going on at the local cemetery. For the past few months, the graves have been disturbed, the headstones toppled, and the bodies of the dead exhumed. The police have no leads and no suspects, but they do have one eyewitness: John Glass, a mentally challenged man who lives in a trailer park on the edge of town.

John is the only one who saw the grave-robber, and he’s been having nightmares about the man ever since. When the police bring John in for questioning, he’s so scared that he can’t even remember his own name. But with the help of his social worker, John gradually begins to piece together the events of that night.

As John’s story unfolds, it becomes clear that the grave-robber is not just after the bodies of the dead, but after their souls as well. And John is the only one who can stop him.

Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass is a horror movie with a message. It’s a story about overcoming your fears, about standing up for what’s right, and about the power of faith. John Glass may be mentally challenged, but he’s also the only one who can save his town from the evil that’s been stalking the graveyard.

Movie Details

Director: Pat Tremblay
Writer: Pat Tremblay
Stars: Jamie AbramsPaula Davis(voice)Navin Pratap