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How to create a memorable Halloween costume contest

How to Throw a Halloween Costume Contest That Will Haunt Your Friends for Years

Ready to turn your Halloween bash into a legendary costume showdown? Forget the tired old “best costume” trophy, this is about creating a night of spooky, hilarious, and unforgettable memories. We’re talking about a contest so epic, your friends will be brainstorming their outfits for next year before the candy corn is even cleared away.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to hosting a Halloween costume contest for the ages:

1. Set the Stage for Frightful Fun

  • Theme It Up: Want a night of classic horror? Or maybe a pop-culture costume explosion? Picking a theme narrows the playing field and sparks creativity.
  • Decorate to Impress: Go all out with the spooky ambiance. Cobwebs, eerie lighting, a killer playlist – set the stage for a spine-tingling good time.
  • Prizes Worth Screaming For: Don’t settle for generic gift cards. Think creative: a spooky movie night basket, a cauldron overflowing with candy, or even a “Golden Pumpkin” trophy for ultimate bragging rights.

2. Craft Creative Contest Categories

Ditch the single “best costume” award. Instead, think outside the coffin with categories like:

  • Funniest Costume: Prepare for side-splitting laughter.
  • Most Original Costume: Reward those who dared to be different.
  • Best Couple/Group Costume: Encourage teamwork and hilarious collaborations.
  • Scariest Costume: Time to unleash the nightmares!
  • Best DIY Costume: Celebrate the crafty geniuses.

3. Get the Party Started: Judging and Entertainment

  • Recruit a Killer Judging Panel: Gather a few unbiased friends known for their sense of humor and fairness.
  • The Runway of Frights: Have contestants strut their stuff in a designated area. Play spooky music and encourage cheers and applause.
  • Keep the Energy High: Include games or Halloween trivia during deliberation to keep the party rolling.
  • The Grand Reveal: Announce the winners with dramatic flair! Hand out those coveted prizes and let the bragging begin.

4. Capture the Memories (and the Mayhem)

  • Photo Booth Fun: Set up a spooky backdrop with props for hilarious photo ops.
  • Hashtag It Up: Create a unique hashtag for your party so everyone can share their amazing costumes online.
  • Memories to Cherish: Compile the photos and videos into a post-party highlight reel. It’ll be a treat to revisit the hilarity and fright for years to come!

By following these steps, your Halloween costume contest will be the talk of the town (or graveyard!). So, gather your ghouls, stock up on candy corn, and get ready for a night of unforgettable Halloween fun!