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Hunter Prey (2010) Review

Hunter Prey is an action sci-fi flick based on a barren desert like planet. The Prometheus is escorting a dangerous extraterrestrial prisoner back home when all of a sudden disaster strikes and they’re forced to make a crash landing on a strange unforgiving world. With the prisoner now lose it’s up to a small group of soldiers to venture out and recapture it. This proves more difficult than they imagined as the alien plays a deadly game of cat and mouse leaving the soldiers reeling as they try to acquire him before extraction.

Wow this is a tough movie to review without giving out spoilers, the storyline has some massive twists and divulging them would spoil the movie completely. Suffice to say the storyline is reasonably gripping, the characters are decent and the acting quality is solid. Whilst this movie may be an action sci-fi, the action element is fairly light, no huge explosions, star ship chases or extravagant ET kung-fu, it’s fairly run of the mill stuff with futuristic hand guns / rifles. Considering the low budget nature of this flick, it does remarkably well however. The creature designs are impressive and even though CGI is kept to minimum what’s there is decent enough.

Hunter Prey is not scary or gory in anyway shape or form, so for the horror fiends out there looking for a bit of blood, you will not find it here, you’ve been warned. The movie is geared more towards creating a tense thoughtful experience that raises up issues such as Darwinism, Man’s place in the universe, etc.

The movies pacing is fairly consistent and whilst it may not rattle along as fast as some people may like, i found things to move along at a decent rate. It’s sci-fi for the Star Wars lover really, except there are no lightsabers here. In fact the soldiers in this movie reminded me a lot of the republic commandos from episode II and III.

All in all i found Hunter Prey a movie well worth a recommendation, it’s a solid movie on many fronts including acting, story, pacing and direction. You could do a lot worse than grabbing this one and best done before the inevitable (and hopefully sooner rater than later) sequel.

Movie Details

Director: Sandy Collora
Writers: Sandy Collora, Nick Damon
Actors: Isaac C. Singleton Jr, Clark Beltram, Simon Potter, Erin Gray
Release Year: 2010