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Idol of Evil (2009) Review

Idol of Evil sets us on a modern day Indiana Jones-esque adventure across Britain and Ireland. Mythological researcher David Hilton (Richard Cambridge) is drawn into the seedy world of satanist occultists when his friend/colleague Dr Kixley is abducted. Enlisting help from friends and scholars alike his search entwines him with a mystical object known as the idol of evil, this object has the power to awaken ancient evils and imbue it’s beholder with great powers. Can David save his friend and the world before it’s too late?

Well here we have a low budget indie movie that looks British made, it sports full British locales and a fully British cast, nice but is the movie any good? Well there are a lot of things about Idol of Evil that are very hit n miss. Firstly the acting quality is patchy, sometimes it’s OK, sometimes it’s not that OK. Having said that for an indie movie it’s probably a step above most that get reviewed here at Horror Chronicles so I guess we can’t complain too much. Just don’t say you weren’t warned, this is not oscar material.

Then there’s the issue of gore and shocks. This movie has none. It’s neither scary nor gory, they do attempt this at the end, though sadly because of budgetary restrictions, the whole thing comes off very naff and unbelievable. In fact, as a whole it really does feel like a low budget Indiana Jones, just way less exotic and obviously no Harrison Ford.

You may think after saying all that, that i’d think Idol of Evil was a crappy horrid flick but strangely there’s something quite compelling about it. The movie is paced well, the characters are archetypal but fun, it is what it is but i guess the it’s the story that grips more than anything. You may well find yourself watching on just to see what in store in the next 5 minutes.

Even though it’s an indie flick sporting less than stellar values it’d be inclined to recommend this movie for folks looking for some intrigue and mystery in their nights viewing. Just be warned about all the catches and if best try to pick it up cheap or on the TV.


In the small town of Rocksville, the residents are shocked when their local idol, high school guidance counselor and beloved family man, John Wilkinson, is arrested and accused of being a serial killer. As the town turns against him, Wilkinson’s family stands by him, even as the evidence against him seems insurmountable.

As the trial begins, Wilkinson’s lawyer, Julia, starts to uncover the truth about the case and finds that the real killer is still out there. With the help of Wilkinson’s family, she sets out to find the real killer and clear her client’s name.

As the evidence against Wilkinson starts to mount, Julia becomes convinced that he is innocent and is determined to find the real killer. With the help of Wilkinson’s family, she sets out to find the real killer and clear her client’s name.

The real killer is eventually revealed to be Rocksville’s sheriff, who has been using Wilkinson as a scapegoat to cover up his own crimes. Julia and Wilkinson’s family work together to expose the sheriff and clear Wilkinson’s name.

The movie ends with Wilkinson being reunited with his family and the town finally accepting him as their idol once again.

Movie Details

Director: Kevin McDonagh
Writers: Kevin McDonagh, Aj Nicol
Actors: Tracey Sheldon, Marysia Kay, Jim Sweeney, Adrian Bouchet
Release Year: 2009