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Krull (1983) Review

An evil force has arrived on the fantasy world of Krull to enslave the local population and it’s up to the new King, Colwyn to drive away the enemy and rescue his love, Princess Lyssa. Firstly he must procure a special weapon known as ‘the glave’, a weapon which has the power to destroy the evil beast and its army of slayers. The only question is, will he reach the princess in time?

This is a fantasy, adventure movie which some have compared to Star Wars, granted that there are some parallels but not enough for my liking to justify the comparison. In fact if I had to compare this to anything else it would probably be Lord of The Rings, but even that may not be fair. This movie is a well paced adventure flick which revolves around the central moral of love overcoming hate and yes, Krull can be quite sappy at times.

The direction of Peter Yates is very good in my opinion, the action and special effects sequences looking particularly good. The acting standard is also quite high with an ensemble cast of British and American actors (also Irish actor Liam Neeson). The locations and backdrops of this movie are stunning with great mountain panoramas, etc.

For those Lord of the Rings fans out there, I dare say you’ll get your kicks out of Krull to some extent, plus anyone looking for a good adventure movie could do a lot worse…

Krull is a classic science fiction film that has stood the test of time. The story is set on the planet Krull, which is under siege by an evil entity known as the Beast. A group of brave warriors, led by Prince Colwyn, set out to defeat the Beast and save the planet.

The film is an exciting and visually stunning adventure, with excellent special effects for its time. The acting is also very good, with Liam Neeson and Sean Connery standing out in particular. The film’s score is also very memorable.

Overall, Krull is a timeless science fiction classic that is well worth watching.


The planet Krull is ruled by an evil Beast and his henchmen, the Slayers. The Slayers are unstoppable warriors who kill anything in their path. One day, a group of Slayers attack a wedding party, killing the groom and abducting the bride. The groom’s brother, Prince Colwyn, sets out to rescue her.

He is joined by a band of unlikely heroes, including a cyclops, a wizard, and a thief. They travel to the Beast’s stronghold, where they must face the Slayers and the Beast himself. With the help of a magical weapon, they are able to defeat the Beast and rescue the princess.

Movie Details

Director: Peter Yates
Writer: Stanford Sherman
Actors: Liam Neeson, Ken Marshall, Francesca Annis, Lysette Anthony
Release Year: 1983