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Living Hell (2008) Review

Scientists. When it comes to horror movies, you know those pesky white coated heroes are going to fuck up big time and open Pandoras box on an unsuspecting world. Of course, then there’s usually another scientist around to help fix shit up and save everyone, but that’s a whole other story.

So, what’ve we got? Pesky 1950s scientist creates deadly organism that feeds on light and energy, grows quickly, and likes to consume people. Then, with brilliant foresight only the military can manage, it’s locked away underneath a military base, all records are lost, blah de blah – until now, when the base is set for demolition…..Great timing for a random bloke who seems to know too much, and who is connected to the original project somehow to show up.

Well, it’s not a spoiler to tell you what the title already should have – said killer organism (or organizm if you prefer) gets out, starts growing, and it’s all down to a plucky female army chick and the mysterious random dude to stop it. Forget about the rest of the army helping much, they’re all about as fuckin’ useful as a puddle of piss in a paper bag.

Cut to the usual antics of weird dude + military chick trying to survive, solving clues, and getting chased by both military and creature. There are some more interesting twists here though – the idea with the blood is good fun, and made for an oddly erotic scene towards the end. It’s done with CGI aplenty throughout, but it looks good for the most part, and works at least.

Pacing is pretty good, and although plotting is pretty formulaic and deus ex machina type shit, the cast do a pretty good job of rescuing it from the humdrum. Yep, you heard me, miraculously they can manage a decent enough turn at acting. Rarity I know, but has to happen now and again.

Overall, it ends up being an enjoyable film, with nice shades of the B movie sci fi style creeping in and getting given a modern touch. Think The Blob meets the new Andromeda Strain and you’ll probably be somewhere in the right ballpark. Fun enough, you probably won’t remember it in a month, but it really is a nice little effort, something light and enjoyable to pass an evening with.

Movie Details

Director: Richard Jefferies
Writer: Richard Jefferies
Actors: Erica Leerhsen, Jonathan Schaech, James McDaniel, Jason Wiles
AKA: Living Hell
Release Year: 2008