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Midnight Movie (2008) Review

Midnight Movie is a slasher flick with a difference – it’s set in a cinema! When a late night showing of a cult horror movie is interrupted by a power cut, the audience are plunged into darkness. But they’re not alone; a masked killer is stalking the aisles, and soon the hapless moviegoers are being picked off one by one.

As the body count rises, the remaining survivors must band together and use their knowledge of the film to survive the night. But can they escape the cinema alive?

Midnight Movie, even though very cliched in a lot of ways, is in other ways, a nice breath of fresh air. It’s pacing and characters are really run of the mill to be honest, but the concept of a killer coming out the movie screen, similar to The Ring, is a cool one and I’ve never seen it done quite in this fashion. What i guess i like so much is that you never really know what to expect next.

Gore and shocks wise this movie is not too bad at all. The killer uses some kind of twisted pyramid/knife type thingy which is like something I’ve never seen before in a slasher flick, certainly nothing that i can remember. The only criticism i have is that they could have varied the death scenes more, seeing folks getting killed the same way over and over, does kind of reduce the suspense level… Somewhat.

Acting wise this movie is OK, nothing brilliant, but OK. Actress Brea Grant (Daphne from Heroes) makes an appearance and does a respectable job as one of the cinemas’ caretakers, trapped like all the rest. All in all there’s not much to say other than everybody’s performance is decent.

Midnight Movie probably won’t appeal to everyone, but for those looking for a horror/slasher flick with a twist, you may just have found what your looking for.

Midnight Movie is a fun and gory romp that horror fans will enjoy. The kills are creative and the movie references are sure to please genre aficionados. If you’re looking for a bloody good time at the movies, then Midnight Movie is the film for you!


The film opens with a scene from a horror movie called “The Dark Beneath”, which is being shown at a local Midnight Movie theater. A group of teens are in the theater, and one of them, Mickey (played by Jared Padalecki), is particularly enthralled by the movie.

Suddenly, the power goes out in the theater, and when it comes back on, the movie has changed. It is now a snuff film, with real people being killed on screen. The horrified theatergoers try to leave, but the doors are locked.

The killer in the movie, “The Mask” (played by Maximiliano Hernández), begins picking off the people in the theater, one by one. He seems to have a particular interest in Mickey, who is the only one who seems to be trying to fight back.

As the body count rises, the remaining survivors realize that they are trapped in a real-life horror movie. They must band together if they want to make it out alive.

The movie culminates in a final showdown between Mickey and The Mask, with Mickey finally prevailing. The survivors are then seen exiting the theater, shaken but alive.

Midnight Movie is a 2008 American slasher film directed by Craig Singer and starring Jared Padalecki, Maximiliano Hernández, Danielle Harris, and Tyler Mane. The film was released on DVD on October 21, 2008.

The film follows a group of people who are trapped in a movie theater after a power outage causes the screening of a horror movie to turn into a snuff film. The group must band together in order to survive the night.

The film was met with mixed reviews, with some critics praising the film’s concept and execution, while others criticized the film’s characters and lack of scares.

Movie Details

Director: Jack Messitt
Writers: Mark Garbett, Jack Messitt
Actors: Rebekah Brandes, Daniel Bonjour, Greg Cirulnick, Stan Ellsworth
Release Year: 2008