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Mothman (TV Movie 2010) Review

Mothman revolves around a group of friends who inadvertently cause the death of a friends younger brother. Fearing years of imprisonment they cover the whole thing up and make it look like an accident. Years down the road Katherine Grant (Jewel Staite) returns to her home town of Pleasant Point to cover the upcoming Mothman Festival. This brings her back in touch with an old flame as well as the rest of her friends who seem to be having a hard time dealing with the death they caused years back. Well things are about to get worse as the Mothman legend comes true and seeks out justice on the group one by one for their wrong doing all those years ago.

The Mothman is supposedly a true life phenomenon, make of that what you will but this movie is very much a piece of fiction, so it’s important to mention that right from the get go.

This movie was originally released via Syfy i believe but it’s recently got a DVD release so we thought we’d check it out. Well, i can say right now that Mothman looks and feels a lot like a Syfy movie. It’s got a decent cast but awful CGI special effects and is not scary in the slightest.

Jewel Staite and the rest of the cast seem to deal well with what is a very thin on the ground script that doesn’t really go anywhere. The movie is predictable, slow and downright boring at times. When the action does start rolling the terrible CGI just kills it and the fact there is little to no gore doesn’t help things much either. The Mothman is this giant bug looking thing that has red eyes, in principle it could have made a decent monster but the way it’s implemented, it just looks goofy. Oh and it can only attack it’s prey through reflective surfaces which does add a bit of tension but sadly nowhere near enough.

Mothman is certainly not a movie you want to pay money to see, if your (un)lucky enough to catch this on TV then maybe it’s worth a watch if your really bored but otherwise your better off watching something else. Seriously.


Mothman is a made-for-television movie that aired on the Syfy channel in 2010. The movie follows the story of a small town that is beset by a series of strange occurrences after the appearance of a winged creature they call the Mothman.

The town’s residents initially believe that the Mothman is a benevolent force, but soon realize that it is a malevolent creature that is feeding on their fear. They must find a way to destroy the Mothman before it destroys them.

The movie stars Jewel Staite as the town’s sheriff, who leads the fight against the Mothman, and Robert Patrick as the town’s mayor, who is reluctant to believe that the creature is real. The movie also features a cameo appearance by the real-life Mothman, which was shot in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the creature was first sighted in 1966.

Movie Details

Director: Sheldon Wilson
Writers: Patrick Walsh, Sonny Lee
Actors: Connor Fox, Susie Abromeit, Matty Ferraro, Jerry Leggio
Release Year: 2010