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Ninjas vs. Vampires (2010) Review

Ninjas vs Vampires starts out with a young couple of friends Aaron and Alex, out in the woods having a ‘personal moment’. Out of nowhere they are attacked by a group of savage vampires, things look grim. Luckily a group of vampire hating ninjas intervene to save the day leaving Aaron and Alex to work out just what the hell is going on. Well it turns out there is a sect of local vampires that are determined to take over the world and it’s up to the group of ragtag ninja vigilante’s to stop them with the help of the new found hapless couple. Will they be able to stop the vampire Lord Seth and his maniacal plan before it’s too late?

When I first started watching Ninjas vs Vampires i really didn’t think i was going to like it. The acting quality seemed patchy (i.e.: inconsistent) and the whole scenario seemed very flat and unbelievable. Thankfully i can say Ninjas vs Vampires is one of those unusual movies that seems to get better the longer you watch it.

It’s an uber low budget flick that fits inside the indie bracket as far as it’s production goes, though for an indie movie it does stand shoulders above lots of the others that are out there at the moment.

You may be thinking that a movie called Ninjas vs Vampires surely can’t be a serious horror movie. Well you’d be right, it’s not a serious horror movie, heck it’s not a serious movie at all. It’s very much tongue-in-cheek and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Consequently it’s not very scary nor is it overly gory. When the vampires die they basically go up in a big puff of smoke (blade stylie) with very little blood and guts involved. This is all done via CGI and considering how low budget this movie is the CGI ain’t half bad at all.

Probably the most impressive aspect of Ninjas vs Vampires is the choreography and the action. It’s very good and it gets better as the movie goes along. Quite frankly I’ve never seen such sophisticated action in an indie movie, it really is quite impressive and helps the movie stand out big time.

Ninjas vs Vampires is a movie that’ll appeal to action aficionados and people looking for a no brainer movie that’s fun without being serious. Apart from the patchy acting this is one heck of a movie and it’s a shame the production level wasn’t a little higher but as it stands i have no quarrels recommending this one, just remember it’s a tongue-in-cheek movie and not a serious movie, though i think you’ll probably have got that by now. Ninjas vs Vampires is out now in the USA via Breaking Glass Pictures. The UK release is August 29th through Left Films.

Movie Details

Director: Justin Timpane
Writer: Justin Timpane
Actors: Jay Saunders, Devon Marie Burt, Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi
Release Year: 2010