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PARASITIC (2010) Review

A meteor impacts with a satellite sending debris down into the ocean. This debris carries with it horrendous parasitic organisms that infect the nearby fish, which just so happen to end up in the food chain. A group of colleagues working at a local nightclub/strip bar start to notice strange things occurring when one of their friends goes missing. Soon they will find themselves fighting for their lives as the organism takes control of it’s victims and starts a blood fuelled campaign to infect everyone it can.

Fairly predictable plod we’ve got here, it doesn’t have many things going for it in the originality stakes, though it’s not entirely a stinker. For one, it has lots of good looking women and yes, there is LOTS of nudity. Bianca Holland (vixen in the title image up top) is topless for most of the movie in fact.

The movie does also has some decent special effects and i was happy, very happy to see the creators avoiding using CGI (apart from the meteor fall but that doesn’t count). Most of the time CGI visuals for monsters come off looking shit (you listening Syfy?). The monster/parasite itself is done really quite well, i’ll give a full thumbs up for visuals. SPOILER! We don’t really get to see the full blown creature till the end but when we do it looks superb and genuinely quite freaky.

Sadly, the movie’s acting quality is sub par, downright terrible in parts to be frank. Nobody comes off looking good here and needless to say the characters are thin, shallow and some of them are downright annoying. This is not a flick to watch for the purpose of great art – but you probably guessed that already.

Thankfully the movie doesn’t take long to get the ball rolling the it’s general pace is fine, though it might have helped had we saw one of two more gore scenes but that’s me.

Parasitic is one of those b-movies that has charm even if it’s not particularly brilliant. Is the movie worth seeing? Well if you dig hot, naked chicks with parasites i guess so. Though if you’re looking for a movie with polish you’d best look elsewhere.


A small town is beset by a parasitic infestation that turns its residents into mindless zombies. The town’s only hope is a group of survivors who must battle their way out of the town before it’s too late.

As the infestation spread, the town became a hotbed of violence and terror. The survivors were forced to fight for their lives as they attempted to escape the town. In the end, they were successful in escaping, but the town was left in ruins.

Movie Details

Director: Tim Martin
Writer: Tim Martin
Actors: Julie Anne, Camille Balsamo, Amanda Beck, Isle Gallagher
Release Year: 2010