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Razortooth (2007) Review

CGI killer eels in hammy hillbilly actor slaughter shocker! Yep, genetically modified gigantic killer eel munches on the local trailer park trash and looks like an angry glove puppet with button eyes when it gets annoyed – which is often.

I make it sound bad, and it is pretty much. There are a couple confused sub-plots – especially the escaped convicts – which fail to go anywhere interesting, and bland characters who are desperately in need of some brainpower. Damn, at one point a supposed corpse starts grinning like the mythical Cheshire cat, at another I could swear I heard the crew chuckling at a funny bit. Loads of the guns in use look like daisy air rifles or BB guns even though they are supposed to be shotguns and shit.

By the end you’ll be rooting for the eel to win if only because he seems the cleverest and most likeable out of the bunch. Shame he stupidly keeps coming back for whatever shit the hillbilly eel hunters throw at him. Giant eels – indeed, giant critters in general – get a shitty deal from the scriptwriters.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the crappiness though, the movie did manage to be a bundle of fun. The group of us who watched had a great laugh taking the piss and egging the eel on to eat people. It’s a great film to get wasted to and have a laugh – so, if you are planning on watching, get all your buddies around, stock up on beer, and bang it on the big screen. You’ll have a good laugh at least.

Crap, but fun crap, disappointing as a whole, but with some moments that are enjoyable. Get yourself beered up, slouch down on the couch, and get set for a drunken evenings entertainment.

Movie Details

Director: Patricia Harrington
Writers: Jack Monroe, Matt Holly
Actors: Kathleen LaGue, Tim Colceri, Josh Gad, Simon Page
Release Year: 2007