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The Best Games Like Ghost of Tsushima for PC: Finding Your Next Open-World Samurai Adventure

So, you’ve finished Ghost of Tsushima, slain every Mongol, perfected your katana skills, and composed enough haikus to fill a library. Now what? You’re left with a Jin Sakai-shaped hole in your life and a hankering for more epic samurai adventures. Sadly, Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation exclusive (for now!), leaving PC gamers out in the cold.

But fear not, weary traveler! Plenty of fantastic titles capture the essence of Ghost of Tsushima and are ready to be experienced on your PC. Saddle up, sharpen your blades, and let’s explore the best open-world samurai adventures available.

Channeling Your Inner Jin Sakai: What Makes Ghost of Tsushima Special

Before we dive into the alternatives, let’s define what makes Ghost of Tsushima so captivating:

  • Open-World Exploration: Tsushima’s gorgeous island offers breathtaking vistas and hidden secrets, rewarding exploration with stunning discoveries.
  • Dynamic Combat: From precise katana strikes to stealthy assassinations, Ghost of Tsushima’s combat is fluid, brutal, and endlessly satisfying.
  • Samurai Spirit: The game beautifully captures the samurai code of honor, allowing players to grapple with the tension between duty and personal vengeance.
  • A Touch of Fantasy: While grounded in history, Ghost of Tsushima isn’t afraid to dabble in the mystical, adding another layer of intrigue to the experience.

Unsheathing Your Katana: Top PC Games to Scratch that Samurai Itch

Now, let’s get to the good stuff – the games that will quench your thirst for samurai action on PC:

1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • Brutal and unforgiving combat: Prepare to die. A lot. Sekiro demands precision and timing, rewarding patience and mastery with exhilarating victories.
  • Stealth and verticality: Channel your inner ninja as you use grappling hooks and stealth to navigate intricate levels, picking off enemies silently.
  • Mystical elements: Sekiro delves into Japanese folklore, with supernatural abilities and monstrous creatures adding a unique flavor to the samurai experience.

2. Nioh 2

  • Deep combat system: Master multiple weapon types and stances, customizing your playstyle to suit your preferences.
  • Looter-slasher goodness: Gear up with an array of armor and weapons, finding the perfect combination to conquer challenging foes.
  • Yokai encounters: Battle mythical creatures from Japanese folklore, adding a dose of fantasy to the samurai action.

3. Elden Ring

  • Vast open-world: Explore the sprawling Lands Between, filled with secrets, dungeons, and colossal bosses.
  • Soulslike combat: Elden Ring shares the challenging combat DNA of Sekiro and Nioh, demanding skillful play and tactical thinking.
  • Create your own samurai: Build your character from the ground up, tailoring your stats and equipment to excel in a samurai playstyle.

4. Way of the Samurai 4

  • Moral choices: Shape your samurai journey through impactful decisions, influencing the fate of the world around you.
  • Unique combat system: Master a variety of fighting styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Multiple endings: Your choices determine the outcome of your story, offering high replayability.

5. Total War: Shogun 2

  • Grand strategy meets real-time battles: Lead your clan to victory through diplomacy, cunning tactics, and epic samurai clashes.
  • Historically rich: Immerse yourself in feudal Japan, experiencing its political landscape and legendary battles.
  • Large-scale warfare: Command vast armies of samurai, archers, and cavalry in thrilling real-time battles.

Sharpen Your Blades: The Adventure Continues

So there you have it, fellow samurai! While Ghost of Tsushima may be out of reach on PC, these incredible games will keep your katana sharp and your thirst for adventure quenched. Now, go forth and conquer!

What are your favorite samurai games on PC? Share your recommendations in the comments below!