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The Best Horror Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Earbuds of Terror: The Best Horror Podcasts Guaranteed to Keep You Up at Night

Ready to trade your sleep-filled nights for spine-chilling thrills? Then step into the world of horror podcasts, where the only limits are your imagination (and perhaps the battery life of your headphones).

Forget flickering screens and jump scares, horror podcasts plunge you directly into the darkness. They’re your personal portals to eerie soundscapes, chilling narratives, and unsettling tales that linger long after the episode ends.

So, grab your headphones, turn off the lights, and prepare to meet the audio demons that await in these must-listen horror podcasts:

1. Tales From the Crypt…of Your Podcast App

a) The NoSleep Podcast: Where nightmares become reality (and incredibly well-produced)

If Reddit’s r/NoSleep is the campfire, then The NoSleep Podcast is the storyteller weaving tales that’ll leave you sleeping with the lights on. This award-winning podcast boasts a full cast, immersive sound design, and stories sourced from the depths of the internet’s horror-loving community.

Be warned: You might start checking under your bed after a few episodes.

b) The Magnus Archives: Unraveling mysteries one unsettling statement at a time

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? The Magnus Archives throws you headfirst into a world of paranormal investigations through the lens of audio recordings. Follow Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, as he unravels unsettling statements, each hinting at a larger, terrifying web of interconnected horrors.

Be warned: This one’s a slow burn, but the dread builds with each passing episode.

2. True Crime That’s Truly Terrifying

a) Casefile: Detailed, chilling, and utterly addictive

Sometimes reality is more terrifying than fiction, and Casefile proves it. Each episode meticulously recounts true crime cases, focusing on the facts and letting the sheer horror of the events speak for themselves. No frills, no theatrics – just bone-chilling true crime delivered in a calm, detached, and utterly captivating narrative.

Be warned: Don’t listen to this one while walking alone at night.

b) Lore: Exploring the dark side of history, folklore, and myth

History is full of darkness, and Lore excavates it with chilling precision. From historical events to folk tales and myths, each episode explores the sinister side of human history, uncovering the origins of our darkest fears and superstitions.

Be warned: You’ll never look at a campfire the same way again.

3. Bite-Sized Horror for Your Daily Dose of Dread

a) The Dark Somnium: Short, sharp shocks of horror delivered daily

For those who like their horror in quick, potent doses, The Dark Somnium serves up daily bites of fear. Each episode features a self-contained story, perfect for a quick commute or a pre-bedtime scare.

Be warned: These mini horror masterpieces might leave you craving more.

b) Knifepoint Horror: Where whispers and crackling fires become instruments of terror

With minimal music and sparse sound design, Knifepoint Horror relies on the power of whispered narration to deliver truly unsettling stories. The intimate setting and bare-bones approach creates an unnervingly immersive experience that feels as if the story is unfolding right beside you.

Be warned: You might want to keep a nightlight on after this one.

So, there you have it – a curated collection of audio nightmares waiting to haunt your ears. Which podcast will you dare to download? Share your favorite horror podcasts in the comments below!