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The Crypt (2009) Review

The Crypt is a 2009 American horror film directed by Tammi Sutton and starring Michael Madsen, Sutton, and Andrew Divoff. The film follows a group of criminals who take refuge in an abandoned crypt only to be terrorized by the ghosts of the monks who were buried there.

The Crypt is a well-crafted horror film that is sure to send chills down its viewers’ spines. The film’s atmosphere is eerie and foreboding, and the acting is top-notch, especially by Michael Madsen. The Crypt is a must-see for horror fans.


Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is an American treasure hunter and historian who has devoted his life to finding, and then subsequently returning, lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful owners. In the process, he has amassed a large personal fortune.

One of his latest finds is a small, ornate box that he believes was created by the renowned 18th-century silversmith and patriot Paul Revere. When Gates attempts to return the box to its rightful owner, however, he discovers that it is a fake.

Determined to find the real box, Gates enlists the help of his ex-girlfriend, Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), and his father, Patrick Gates (Jon Voight). The three of them begin a cross-country search for the missing artifact, which leads them to a small town in Maine.

There, they discover that the box is in the possession of a local woman, Emily Davenport (Jena Malone). Davenport tells them that the box was passed down to her from her grandfather, who found it during the Revolutionary War.

Gates is skeptical of Davenport’s story, but he is also convinced that the box is the real thing. He offers to buy it from her, but Davenport refuses. Undeterred, Gates decides to steal the box.

The theft does not go as planned, and Gates is caught by Davenport. She demands that he return the box, but Gates refuses. Davenport then threatens to call the police, but Gates knows that he will be arrested if he is caught with the box.

He makes a deal with Davenport: if she lets him keep the box for one week, he will return it to her and pay her a large sum of money. Davenport agrees, and Gates begins his search for the box’s true owner.

The search leads Gates and his team to Boston, where they discover that the box was owned by a man named John Adams (Matthew Broderick). Adams was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and the box was given to him by Benjamin Franklin.

Gates is thrilled to have found the real box, but he is also aware that it is worth a fortune. He offers to sell it to Adams, but Adams refuses. He tells Gates that the box is a symbol of the freedom that was won by the American people, and that it should be returned to the people.

Gates knows that Adams is right, but he is also reluctant to give up the box. He decides to keep it for one more week, in hopes of finding a buyer who will pay him a large enough sum to make it worth his while.

During that week, however, the box is stolen from Gates. He is devastated, but he is also determined to find it. He enlists the help of his father and Abigail, and the three of them begin another cross-country search for the missing artifact.

This time, their search takes them to New York City. There, they discover that the box has been sold to a wealthy businessman, Simon Pearce (Ed Harris). Pearce is a ruthless man, and he refuses to sell the box back to Gates.

Undeterred, Gates hatches a plan to steal the box back from Pearce. He enlists the help of a group of criminals, and they break into Pearce’s office. The theft does not go as planned, however, and Gates is captured by Pearce.

Pearce threatens to kill Gates unless he reveals where the box is hidden. Gates refuses, and Pearce tortures him. Gates does not give in, even when Pearce threatens to kill Abigail.

Finally, Gates tells Pearce that the box is hidden in the Statue of Liberty. Pearce believes him, and he and his men head to the statue. There, they discover that the box is not there.

Enraged, Pearce prepares to kill Gates, but Gates manages to escape. He and Abigail then head to the Statue of Liberty, where they find the box hidden inside. Gates returns the box to Adams, and the two men share a touching moment.

The film ends with Gates and Abigail walking away from the Statue of Liberty, hand in hand.

Movie Details

Director: Craig McMahon(studio)
Writer: Craig McMahon
Stars: Sarah OhMike RanalloAbra May