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The Dark Lurking (2010) Review

A team of elite soldiers are sent to a subterranean lab facility to establish what is going on when things go awry. They find themselves under siege from horrid mutant like creatures that over power them and leave them fighting for their very own survival. With the help of some remaining lab personnel they have to find a way to the surface, though that’s going to be a lot trickier than they think.

Ah good ole sci-fi horror we got here, very much in the vein of movies like Aliens and Galaxy of Terror. This movie is a real high testosterone ride of awesomeness that never lets up. It’s a shame movies like this aren’t made that much these days, they seem to be pretty rare. Maybe cause folks feel James Cameron took things as far as they could go (and because they’re expensive)… I dunno. Regardless this movie has an awesome sense of pacing, the action, the mystery and the general drama are all woven together very well to make an engrossing watch.

The movie’s gore level is really high, lots of nastiness for our viewing pleasure and it all looks rather spiffing. Indeed the production quality, whilst never fooling us that we’re watching anything more than a b-movie, is indeed solid for this kind of flick. The weaponry, the costumes and the monsters all look great, though i thought the surrounding locations looks a bit tacked together truth be told.

It’s an Aussie movie so inevitably it’s cast mostly with Aussie actors. I’ve never seen any of them before but they sure all look the part and indeed the general acting quality all round is fine.

Alien Undead is indeed a very tense watch, there’s heart stopping moments around every turn, all the way until the closing scene which ended reasonably well i thought, though it was a bit predictable.

Really i’m not exaggerating when i say that this is one of the best sci-fi horror’s i’ve seen in ages and i can only hope there’s more to come from the makers of this movie. A sequel would indeed be nice and i’m sure there’s some great places they could take the story too. All fans of this kind of movie owe it to themselves to grab a copy as soon as possible. It’s currently available via Left Films in UK and is available in the US under The Dark Lurking moniker. Think i may even watch this one again for Halloween tomorrow. 

Movie Details

Director: Greg Connors
Writer: Greg Connors
Actors: Tonia Renee, Ozzie Devrish, Bret Kennedy, Dirk Foulger
Release Year: 2010
AKA: The Dark Lurking