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The Driskill Hotel: Texas’s Haunted Historic Hotel


The Driskill Hotel, a grand dame of Austin, Texas, stands as a beacon of history and luxury, but whispers of a darker side follow its opulent halls. For over a century, guests and staff have recounted chilling encounters with unseen spirits, solidifying the Driskill’s reputation as one of Texas’s most haunted hotels. This blog post delves into the hotel’s rich history, exploring the legends, paranormal investigations, and modern-day experiences that have made the Driskill a destination for both history buffs and ghost hunters alike.

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A Glimpse into the Driskill Hotel’s History

The Driskill Hotel’s story begins with Colonel Jesse Driskill, a prominent figure in the Texas cattle industry. In 1886, he built this architectural masterpiece in the heart of Austin, quickly establishing it as a center of social and economic life in the state. Its elegant design, influenced by Victorian and Romanesque styles, made it a landmark, drawing presidents, celebrities, and influential figures from across the nation. The Driskill served as a witness to Texas’s transformation, reflecting the growth of Austin from a frontier town to a bustling metropolis.

Throughout the years, the Driskill Hotel has witnessed a dramatic evolution. Expansions, renovations, and changes in ownership have brought about modifications while preserving its historic essence. Today, the Driskill stands as a testament to its rich past, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and cherished as an iconic landmark of Austin.

Exploring the Paranormal Activity

The Driskill’s captivating history is intertwined with numerous ghost stories, each adding to the hotel’s aura of mystery. The most prominent legend involves a young woman, often referred to as the “Little Lady in White”, who reportedly roams the hotel’s halls, her ethereal figure said to be a heartbroken bride who committed suicide after her fianc√© abandoned her.

Another prominent ghost story centers around a woman in a blue dress, said to haunt Room 505. The story suggests she was a disgruntled maid who met an untimely demise within the hotel’s walls. Her chilling presence is said to manifest in the form of flickering lights, inexplicable temperature changes, and unsettling sounds.

Then there is the tale of the “Man in the Mirror”, a spectral figure said to appear in the hotel’s historic mirror, a haunting reminder of a tragic past. These stories, passed down through generations of guests and staff, have fueled the Driskill’s reputation for paranormal activity.

The Driskill’s reputation for paranormal activity has attracted the attention of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. Several investigations have been conducted within the hotel’s walls, using equipment to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), photograph any apparitions, and record temperature fluctuations, but the results remain inconclusive. However, these investigations have only intensified the interest in the Driskill’s spectral mysteries.

The Driskill Hotel Today: A Blend of History and Mystery

Despite its haunting tales, the Driskill Hotel continues to attract visitors seeking luxury and elegance. It offers a haven of sophistication, boasting luxurious amenities, impeccably appointed rooms, and impeccable service. The hotel’s grandeur and historical charm create an ambiance that transports guests to a bygone era.

The Driskill stands as a unique destination that seamlessly blends history and mystery. Guests can indulge in the luxurious accommodations and rich history, while also experiencing the thrill of exploring the hotel’s paranormal side. From ghost tours to visiting rumored haunted rooms, the Driskill Hotel caters to both history buffs and paranormal enthusiasts, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the most common ghost sightings at the Driskill?

The most commonly reported ghost sightings involve the “Little Lady in White”, a young woman who is said to roam the halls, and the “Woman in the Blue Dress” who is said to haunt Room 505.

Has anyone died at the Driskill Hotel?

While the exact details surrounding the deaths are often shrouded in speculation, there have been several reported deaths within the hotel’s walls throughout its history, contributing to the legends of the ghosts who haunt it.

Is the Driskill Hotel considered one of the most haunted hotels in Texas?

The Driskill Hotel is consistently ranked among the most haunted hotels in Texas, with its numerous ghost stories, paranormal investigations, and first-hand accounts cementing its reputation as a spooky destination.

Can I book a ghost tour at the Driskill Hotel?

While the Driskill Hotel doesn’t officially offer ghost tours, several local tour operators offer guided tours that include the history and paranormal lore associated with the hotel.

Is it possible to stay in the rooms rumored to be haunted?

The Driskill Hotel doesn’t officially designate any rooms as haunted, but some rooms, like Room 505, are associated with specific ghost stories and are popular among guests seeking a spooky experience.


The Driskill Hotel stands as a testament to the rich history of Texas, its grand architecture and luxurious accommodations a draw for travelers seeking a taste of the past. However, beyond its opulent facade lies a layer of mystery and intrigue, woven into its very fabric by the stories of ghosts who are said to linger within its walls. Whether you seek historical grandeur or a glimpse into the paranormal, the Driskill Hotel offers a unique and unforgettable experience, where the past and present converge in a captivating blend of luxury and mystery.