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Barry and Honey Sherman: Billionaire Murders That Remain Unsolved


The deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, a prominent Canadian billionaire couple, in December 2017, sent shockwaves through the nation. Their tragic demise at their luxurious Toronto home, initially ruled a murder-suicide, has become a chilling enigma, fueling endless speculation and raising questions that remain unanswered. Despite years of investigation, the case remains open, shrouded in mystery and leaving behind a void of unanswered questions. This blog post delves into the chilling details of the Sherman murders, exploring the key players, potential motives, and the ongoing investigation that has left the public yearning for closure.

Table of Contents

  • The Crime Scene and Initial Investigations
  • Key Players and Potential Suspects
  • The Ongoing Investigation and Lack of Closure
  • Key Theories and Speculation
  • The Impact of the Case on the Public and Media
  • FAQ Section
  • Conclusion

The Crime Scene and Initial Investigations

On December 15, 2017, the bodies of Barry and Honey Sherman were discovered in the basement of their sprawling home in Toronto’s affluent North York neighborhood. Their lifeless forms were found hanging from a railing in the pool area, their deaths initially attributed to a murder-suicide. The initial investigation revealed no signs of forced entry, suggesting the killer(s) were known to the victims. The cause of death was determined to be ligature strangulation, adding to the mystery surrounding the incident.

The scene was initially staged as a suicide, with police assuming Honey Sherman had killed Barry and then herself. However, discrepancies in the crime scene and the absence of a weapon, combined with the unusual way the bodies were positioned, raised immediate questions about the validity of the murder-suicide theory. These initial inconsistencies fueled a whirlwind of speculation and fueled an intense public interest in the case.

Key Players and Potential Suspects

The Sherman family, a prominent force in Canadian business, was thrust into the spotlight with the tragic deaths of Barry and Honey. Their children, Jonathon, Kaelen, and Lauren, were immediately thrust into the public eye, becoming central figures in the investigation. The intense media scrutiny placed a heavy burden on the family as they navigated the emotional turmoil of losing their parents and faced the complexities of a highly publicized investigation.

Beyond the immediate family, the investigation also focused on business associates and individuals who might have had motives for harming the Shermans. Barry Sherman, the founder of Apotex, a major pharmaceutical company, had a long and sometimes contentious history in the industry. His success had earned him both admiration and resentment, making him a potential target for those seeking revenge or financial gain.

The potential motives for the murders are as varied as the suspects. Business conflicts, personal disputes, and financial gain are among the most prominent theories. Barry Sherman’s aggressive business practices and his company’s fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry led to a multitude of legal battles and potential enemies. His involvement in various philanthropic endeavors could have also created friction with those who felt overlooked or wronged. The Shermans’ immense wealth and their philanthropic activities undoubtedly placed them in a position where their generosity could have sparked envy or resentment, potentially fueling a motive for violence.

The Ongoing Investigation and Lack of Closure

Despite years of investigation, the Sherman case remains unsolved, leaving the public with a nagging sense of unanswered questions. The police have faced significant challenges in their pursuit of justice. The absence of a clear motive and lack of a weapon, coupled with the staged crime scene, have hampered the investigation’s progress. The sheer volume of evidence, potential suspects, and conflicting theories have further complicated the case, making it difficult to establish a concrete timeline or identify a definitive suspect.

The investigation has been marked by a series of setbacks and twists, with leads often turning into dead ends. The media’s intense scrutiny has also presented a significant challenge, with speculation and rumors circulating constantly, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction. The lack of closure has created a void of unanswered questions, leaving the family and the public yearning for justice and a resolution to this unsettling mystery.

Key Theories and Speculation

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, numerous theories continue to circulate surrounding the Sherman murders. These range from personal disputes to complex business conspiracies, each fueled by speculation and fueled by the need for an explanation in the face of uncertainty.

One of the most prominent theories is the murder-suicide theory, initially proposed by police. This theory suggests that Honey Sherman killed Barry and then herself, but the lack of a weapon, the unusual positioning of the bodies, and the lack of a suicide note have cast doubt on its validity.

The business conspiracy theory explores the possibility of a rival or competitor, motivated by financial gain or a desire to eliminate Barry Sherman’s influence in the pharmaceutical industry. This theory is supported by the fact that Barry was known for his aggressive business practices, leading to numerous legal disputes and potential enemies.

The personal conflict theory, while less explored, suggests that the murders stemmed from a personal dispute involving family, friends, or associates. This theory is fueled by the fact that Barry Sherman was known for being involved in a web of complex personal relationships, potentially leading to conflicts that could have escalated into violence.

Finally, the theory of an unknown assailant, completely unrelated to the family or their business, remains a possibility. This theory, while difficult to prove, offers an alternative explanation, particularly given the lack of clear evidence linking a suspect to the crime scene.

The Impact of the Case on the Public and Media

The Sherman murders captivated the public’s attention from the very beginning, becoming a national obsession. The high-profile nature of the case, the wealth and influence of the victims, and the sheer mystery surrounding their deaths sparked intense media scrutiny and public speculation. News outlets dedicated countless hours to reporting on the case, analyzing evidence, speculating on motives, and interviewing those close to the victims.

The case fueled a frenzy of online discussion, with social media platforms and online forums becoming platforms for theories, speculation, and even conspiracy theories. The lack of conclusive evidence and the persistent unanswered questions fueled a relentless cycle of speculation, with every new development in the investigation fueling fresh rounds of online debate.

The Sherman case also highlighted the intense media scrutiny that accompanies high-profile crimes, particularly those involving prominent individuals. The public’s thirst for information, combined with the media’s desire to break news, created a challenging environment for the investigation, with speculation often overshadowing factual reporting.

The legacy of Barry and Honey Sherman is forever intertwined with the tragic circumstances of their deaths. Despite the shadow cast by the unsolved murders, their contributions to the pharmaceutical industry and their philanthropic endeavors continue to be recognized and celebrated. The Shermans’ impact on Canadian society extends beyond their business success, leaving a lasting mark through their generosity and support for various charitable causes.

FAQ Section

Q: Are there any suspects in the case?
A: While there have been individuals of interest, no suspects have been publicly identified and no arrests have been made.

Q: What are the police saying about the case?
A: The police have stated that the investigation remains open and ongoing, but no official cause of death or motive has been publicly released.

Q: Will the case ever be solved?
A: The lack of concrete evidence and leads makes it difficult to predict whether the case will ever be solved.

Q: How has the case impacted the Sherman family?
A: The case has undoubtedly impacted the Sherman family deeply, causing immense grief and leaving many unanswered questions.

Q: What is the most likely scenario?
A: The various theories continue to be debated, and the truth remains elusive, leaving the case open to speculation.


The murders of Barry and Honey Sherman remain a haunting reminder of the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface of even the most seemingly idyllic lives. The case has become a symbol of unanswered questions, persistent speculation, and the enduring mystery that can surround even the most high-profile crimes.

Despite the lack of closure and the many unanswered questions, the public continues to seek answers, fueled by a desire for justice and a yearning for resolution. As the investigation continues, the case serves as a chilling reminder of the vulnerabilities we all share and the enduring impact of unsolved crimes.