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The Rejuvenator (1988) Review

Ruth Warren’s a rich actress with one big problem: she’s old, like most ageing Diva’s she wants her youth back. This is where scientist Dr. Gregory Ashton comes in. The good doctor believes that he is about to develop a ground breaking elixir which can restore one back to their prime. Unfortunately though, Ruth Warren who funds all of his research is getting restless. Why? Because she’s not going to live long enough to see the fruits of the good doctor’s work. What this leads to is an irresponsible decision to use the new formula on Ruth, and as you can imagine things go downhill from here. For unfortunately for Ruth the formula is not as stable as the good doc thinks and she starts to under-go a hideous transformation for which the poor doc has to pay a high price for.

I like this movie. It’s got everything I like, good creature effects, decent acting, good pacing and a decent script (for this genre anyway). Any fans of Stuart Gordon’s work with HP Lovecraft are probably gonna like this movie too. In fact it would be easy to believe that Rejuvenator is an HP Lovecraft story, the parallels are quite striking.

The movie has a Frankenstein Re-animator motif, basically don’t fuck with nature otherwise you’ll pay the price. We’ve seen it before but i’d say Rejuvenator stands out from the crowd and indeed is up there with the best of them.

The acting quality is solid and creature effects are very good for a late 80’s movie, this one is well worth a look in for avid horror fans. Sadly at the moment this movie is only available on VHS which sucks but hopefully we’ll get a DVD/blu of this soon.

Movie Details

Director: Brian Thomas Jones
Writers: Simon Nuchturn, Brian Thomas Jones
Actors: Vivian Lanko, John MacKay, James Hogue, Jessica Dublin
Release Year: 1988
AKA: Rejuvenatrix