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Ticks (1993) Review

AKA “From ginger minger to fiery haired hero” as Buffy’s Seth Green, along with a ragbag bunch of troubled kids on a rural outing, battle giant ticks who’ve been mutated by rascals growing super weed. I shit you not.

Stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and savour such delights as Alfonso Ribeiro – Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – playing a troubled hard kid who thinks he’s a gangster and will probably die in a drive by shooting. He even ‘turns’ into a giant fuckin’ tick. I tell you, all this needed was Bel Airs Geoffrey as some kind of martial arts superhero and it would’ve been complete.

The ticks are unsettling enough, can’t stand the little bastards to be honest, let alone giant ones. I once came back from a camping trip with a load of em attached to my legs – and yep, a couple found their way on to my balls too, ouch – and I’ve hated em ever since. These bastards are big enough that they’d bite your balls off, so I guess I should be thankful for small mercies.

There isn’t really a huge amount of character development – cowardly Tyler (Seth Green) is probably the pick of the bunch, and his transformation from cowardly ginger fucktard to tick busting superhero who fears nothing is an easy source of giggles. The couple of dope growers who stop by are kind of fun in a moronic way, but as for the rest of the characters, you probably won’t give a fuck if they live or die, apart from hoping that a couple of the chicks get naked either way.

It’s shallow, but it’s fun and really doesn’t seem to give a shit what you think about it, it’s there, take it or leave it. Gore really isn’t too bad for an outing like this, there’re some belly chuckles to be had, and it remains lighthearted enough that ya can’t really cuss it out for failing since it didn’t really try to succeed.

Fuck trying to analyze it or pick fault with it, it’s great fun, it deserves to be seen, you can make up your own mind. And gangster type Carlton really is a joy, he can’t quite pull it off, I spent 30 mins expecting him to have a hidden Walkman with some Tom Jones music on it.

Movie Details

Director : Tony Randel
Writer : Brent V Friedman
Actors : Seth Green, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ami Dolenz, Clint Howard
Release Year : 1993
AKA : Infested