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Undead (2003) Review

“Undead” is a 2003 Australian zombie horror comedy film written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. It stars Mungo McKay, Felicity Mason, David Field, and Rob Jenkins. The film follows a group of survivors in a small town in Australia during a zombie outbreak.

The film is a fun and gory zombie romp that is sure to please fans of the genre. The acting is good, and the special effects are top-notch. The film’s biggest strength is its sense of humor; there are plenty of laughs to be had throughout.

Now, this is what a zombie movie is meant to be. Writers/Directors Michael and Peter Spierig pull out all of the stops to deliver us a gory, funny, Aussie zombie-fest. Effects are good and gory considering the films low budget, the story flies along for the most part and, with a few exceptions that fall utterly flat, the jokes/humor hit the spot. A few of the gags are real stinkers but they do work.

Pistol wielding yokel and alien abductee Marion (Mungo McKay) is a real laugh on screen wielding a pair of 9mm automatics like some deranged and moronic Sylvester Stallone wannabee. No flesh eating zombie stands a chance when he does his Rambo act. The rest of the survivors are a curious bunch of misfits, cowards, morons, and a pregnant woman who really began to irritate me. Not only would any zombie chowing down on her get 2 people for the price of one, he’d also earn my undying gratitude.

As events zoom along nicely and our humans struggle to stay out of the bellies of the alien zombies, you’ll certainly notice a few influences here from Peter Jackson’s films. This isn’t a rip off of those, it doesn’t plagiarize them, but it is easy to notice that the directors have been influenced to a degree by films such as Braindead and Bad Taste. That’s not a bad thing, they’ve taken these influences and come up with something original that does justice to these earlier, great films. It has that dark, gut wrenching comedic element about it.

This is a good, enjoyable film. It doesn’t quite hold up as well as the two influences I just mentioned, Bad Taste and Braindead, but it is a good watch. It’s grisly, funny, and there’s always something going on to keep interest. Some of the plot developments with the aliens were a little way out there in left field, but other than that the coherent story, directed and filmed with skill, works a treat.

Good, comedic and bloody entertainment that should be right up your alley if you liked films like Braindead, Bad Taste, or the brilliant zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead. Well worth watching.

That said, the film is not without its flaws. The plot is fairly thin, and the film drags in the middle. Additionally, the Spierig brothers rely too heavily on gross-out humor, which gets old after a while.

Overall, “Undead” is a fun and bloody good time. Fans of zombies and horror comedies will find plenty to enjoy here. Just don’t expect anything too deep or meaningful.


The movie Undead is set in the fictional town of Katoomba in Australia. The town is plagued by a zombie outbreak, and the residents must band together to survive.

The film follows a group of survivors as they struggle to stay alive against the hordes of zombies. They must deal with not only the zombies, but also with the fact that some of their own friends and family have turned into zombies.

The group must find a way to escape the town before it is completely overrun by zombies. They must also find a way to stop the outbreak from spreading to other towns and cities.

Can they do it?

The movie Undead is a heart-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Movie Details

Directors: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Writers: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Actors: Felicity Mason, Mungo McKay, Rob Jenkins, Emma Randall
Release Year: 2003