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Underground (2011) Review

A lively bunch of friends decide to take a trip out to an abandoned military base for a midnight rave one night. Through events, they’ll eventually end up in a spot of bother they can’t control. Deciding to flee rather than have their heads kicked in they inadvertently find themselves in the bowels of the base with no obvious way to get out. The situation gets worse when they discover that they’re not alone down there. There’s freakish mutated beings that have no qualms about dispatching them one by one as they desperately try to get to the surface.

Ah, group of kids trapped in an isolated, dark and dreary environment with vicious killers trying to take them out. This scenario has played itself out a lot in movies of yore, indeed the horror genre would be lost without it. Does Underground introduce anything new into the equation? That answer is a firm no.

That’s not to say it’s a bad movie, just really not very original in any regard. The creatures/killers in the flick remind me a lot of the dwellers in Neil Marshall’s The Descent. Very similar actually. They’re OK as far as monsters go but nothing amazing.

Underground is also a very dark movie. Being based in an underground location it kind of goes without saying that it’s going to be dark but i do feel the lighting could have been cranked up a notch as it’s not always obvious what’s going on.

The characters are pretty uninteresting, i couldn’t say i cared two hoots about any of them quite frankly. They mostly exist to get slaughtered but sadly i never felt the death scenes were particularly that great either.

The general makeup and special effects present are decent enough for b-movie standards just don’t expect anything spectacular.

That about sums up this whole movie actually: decent, just far from spectacular. It treads a well trodden path in almost every regard but yet it’s execution is solid (lighting gripes aside). I can say that fans of movie’s like The Descent should enjoy this flick somewhat but I’d still recommend a rental first before jumping in for a full purchase.

Movie Details

Director: Rafael Eisenman
Writer: Charles Morris Jr.
Actors: Sofia Pernas, Megan Hensley, Jeff D’Agostino, Inbar Lavi
Release Year: 2011