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Witchcraft (1988) Review

Witchcraft is a 1988 American horror film directed by Rob Sperling and starring Charles Dance, Bob Peck, and Hilary Mason. The plot follows a group of friends who uncover a dark secret about a witch who is terrorizing their town.

The film is effectively atmospheric and creepy, with some excellent scares. The acting is strong across the board, and the film’s overall atmosphere of dread is palpable.

The film’s main flaw is its pace; it feels like it meanders a bit too much in the middle, and could have been tightened up. Nevertheless, Witchcraft is a solid horror film with some good scares, and is definitely worth a watch.


Witchcraft (1988) is a horror film directed by Andrew Fleming and starring Lori Singer, Tom Berenger, and Dennis Quaid. The film follows a young woman named Allison (Singer) who discovers she has inherited her grandmother’s ability to see and communicate with ghosts. When she moves to Los Angeles to start a new life, she quickly realizes that the city is full of dark forces that are preying on the weak and helpless. With the help of her new friends, a group of witches, Allison sets out to stop the evil forces that are terrorizing the city. Along the way, she must face her own fears and doubts, as well as the dangers that come with using her powers.

Movie Details

Director: Rob Sperling
Writer: Rob Sperling
Actors: David Carradine, Linda Blair, Bo Svenson
Release Year: 1988