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Mirrors 2 (2010) Review

“Mirrors 2” is a 2010 American supernatural horror film directed by Victor Garcia and starring Nick Stahl, Amy Smart and William Katt. It is a sequel to the 2008 film “Mirrors”, and follows a security guard who is haunted by the ghosts of people who died in a fire he was unable to prevent.

Firstly, i should say that Mirrors 2 is not a direct sequel to the 2008 original that we recently reviewed (that movie in itself being a remake of a Korean movie Into the Mirror). Although the parallels between the two movie are very striking. In fact you could argue that all Mirrors 2 really is, is a remake of Mirrors 1 with different characters. That’s not to say Mirrors 2 is a bad movie, far from it, just unoriginal.

Nick Stahl’s acting is OK, nothing amazing but definitely OK. In case you don’t know, this is the guy who played John Connor in Terminator 3 and quite frankly his performance here is pretty much the same. William Katt is here also playing his concerned father and puts in a decent performance. All round you could say that the acting quality is just OK, there’s no performance that’s going to set the world on fire.

One aspect that Mirrors 2 thankfully keeps from the original is the gruesome death scenes. There’s some really cool gore, i won’t spoil it for you but suffice to say they must have spent a small fortune on red syrup for this movie and it’s great. The general special effects standard is very high for a straight to video release. I’d say it’s as good as any blockbuster flick which makes me think that perhaps at some point this movie was destined for the big screen. I think it might have done OK if it had actually.

The movies pacing is superb, it never gets boring with all the death and mystery that’s going on, in fact it’s a shame the movie didn’t last for longer. Not to say the movie is short though, it’s 1hr 30mins, the usual runtime for a horror movie but it just feels shorter. Maybe i was just enjoying myself too much.

Anyways, Mirrors 2 comes strongly recommended, if you enjoyed the first one then you should definitely enjoy this.

The film was met with generally negative reviews, with critics citing its lack of originality and scares. However, Stahl’s performance was praised, as was the film’s visual style.

“Mirrors 2” is a by-the-numbers sequel that fails to deliver the scares or the thrills of the original. Stahl gives a decent performance, but he’s not enough to save this film from its mediocrity.


Maggie (Nicki Aycox) is a troubled young woman who is struggling to cope with the recent death of her father. When she starts seeing strange reflections of herself in mirrors, she begins to believe that she is being haunted by her father’s ghost.

Maggie’s mother, Karen (Stephanie Bennett), is concerned for her daughter’s mental state and decides to send her to see a therapist. However, Maggie’s therapist, Dr. Elizabeth Harper (Katheryn Winnick), is unable to help her and instead refers her to a priest, Father Michael (Tom Sizemore).

Father Michael believes that Maggie is possessed by a demon and begins to perform an exorcism. However, the demon is too strong and Father Michael is killed. Maggie is then taken to a mental institution.

Karen is convinced that her daughter is possessed and hires a team of ghost hunters to help her. The ghost hunters, led by Ryan (Matt Reeves), set up cameras and audio equipment in Maggie’s room in the mental institution in an attempt to capture the demon on film.

However, the demon is aware of their presence and starts to torment them. The ghost hunters are soon killed one by one, until only Ryan and Karen are left.

The demon then reveals itself to Maggie and tells her that it is her father’s ghost. He says that he is stuck between this world and the next and needs Maggie’s help to move on.

Maggie agrees to help her father’s ghost and uses her own body as a conduit to send him to the other side. After her father’s ghost has passed on, Maggie is left in a catatonic state.

Karen takes her daughter home and tries to care for her, but Maggie is unresponsive. Karen then realizes that her daughter is possessed by the demon and decides to have her exorcised.

The exorcism is successful and Maggie is freed from the demon. She is left with no memories of what happened and is reunited with her mother.

Movie Details

Director: Víctor García
Writers: Matt Venne, Sung-ho Kim
Actors: William Katt, Evan Jones, Christy Romano, John Michael Davis
Release Year: 2010